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&& Welcome to my little slice of internet pie, My name is Jamie-Lee and I'm the writer and creator of Glitter Infatuation.

I think I've always had a secret want to write, but I've always struggled putting what's in my head into words. However, back in the summer of 2012 I began reading blogs and though 'I can do this.' and I did. It was completely unplanned and un-organised and I was awful at it but, Almost 3 years on I'd like to think I've improved! I will always be a beauty blogger first but over the years I've expanded and added more content that's not only beauty related but lifestyle, home, fashion and food! 

I never set out on being so passionate about my space on the internet but it just sort of happened and it's been a life line for me since the day I started! I've met the most wonderful people, worked with some incredible brands and continue to learn about blogging!

I'm not entirely sure what my ultimate goal is with my blog so I take every opportunity one step at a time, Here's to a happy blogging future!


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April 2015 

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Finalist for Best Established Beauty Blog 2015 


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