Sunday, 16 July 2017

PEACHY KEEN - The body shop Vineyard Peach Duo

The Body Shop have been winning me over recently with all the new releases, new packaging and not to mention the Forever Against Animal Testing campaign, you can sign the petition HERE. However, there will always be a few firm favourites that I will always re-buy. 

This snazzy little duo happen to be quite an obsession of mine that started about 3-4 years ago when the Vineyard Peach scent was first released. If your a fan of a gorgeous sweet fruity, slightly floral but not sickly scent you will adore this. The scent reminds me of fizzy peach sweets and stays on your skin for such a long time. 

I find the shower gel and gel lotion very similar in scent strength. The Shower gel, like most of the body shops' lather up incredibly, lots of thick luxurious bubbles that don't disappear instantly like some. I also find my skin feels so soft after showering when using this which is rare(dry skin!) and a little bit goes an extremely long way. 

This is the first time I've actually brought this duo since they've changed the packaging and also the type of body lotion this is, described on the front as a 'body lotion gel' which in all honestly I can see. I remember it being slightly more watery before but in the above photo you can see it's definitely more dense and gel like. It absorbs super fast and leaves no traces behind. 

I honestly love smelling like a juicy peach and this pair really do not disappoint, not only do they smell amazing but they do their jobs without fault! You can buy the shower gel HERE and the Body lotion gel HERE and if you buy it now while it's in the sale it's only £8 for both! 


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