Saturday, 15 July 2017


Hello Guys!

Do you ever find yourself doing something and thinking 'I wonder if anyone else on this planet does this too, because if they don't they definitely should...' this is one of those things. Even someone who is completely inept when it comes to cooking(aka me.) can do this.

I'm not much of a cook but as you guys know I do share my very simple and very easy recipes here on my little blog. This however is probably the easiest of them all, perfect for a quick dinner, in the summer and winter and its also 100% Gluten free! My Tomato & Red pepper pasta!

 I think the best thing about this little recipe is just how easy it is to throw together. Most off the essentials here will be in your cupboards anyway all you need fresh is the two tomatoes and the red pepper. This recipe actually makes enough for two portions but feel free to double/triple whatever you like to cater to more people!

- First things first, whack your tomatoes, peppers and two/three tablespoons of tomato puree in a blender and blend to your desired consistency. I like mine to be pretty smooth so I keep it going for a while however if you like it chunky just pulse it a few times.

-  This is my favorite part I add it all into a pan on a medium heat and start adding in the additional flavours, for this one I added garlic, paprika, onion and a whole heap of basil but you can pretty much add what you like and to really take it up another notch use all fresh ingredients! I then cook this for about 20-25 minutes the sauce will thicken up and get richer in colour

- Around this time I started to cook the pasta, if your not gluten free like me then use whatever pasta you like however if you are, I highly recommend this one I have from ASDA. Cook for the required amount of time but, if you're like me and like it a little softer cook it for an extra 5-7mins.

- Combine! I like to then place it back on the heat for a couple of minutes just to get everything to the same temperature.

- This is totally optional but I love to add a sprinkle of Engevita for a cheesy taste without cheese, this is also great for people on a plant based diet as it's made with B12. However if you wanna put some cheese on it go for it, I'd recommend mozzarella! Delish!

So there it is, simple & so easy without a bad ingredient in sight. Food like this makes my heart happy, gluten free to keep my tum happy but still comforting and filling enough to keep me sustained for a few hours.

Hope you enjoyed, if you make this recipe don't forget to send me pics!

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