Monday, 24 July 2017

10 Things you probably didn't know about me..

  1. I have a moderately hidden hobby, It's not something I shout about often or tell many people about as it's something I really enjoy and I do it for my own entertainment. I am completely self taught in special effects make-up and specialize in illusion make-up mostly. You can view some of my work HERE
2. I'm obsessed with Elephants. I have one tattooed on my leg, my bedroom is covered in them and I recently saw some in person and cried twice because I was so emotionally over-whelmed. I love them. 

3. I've been blogging on this blog since 2012. However I had two blogs prior to this one that were solely nail polish related. They clearly didn't last too long as there is only so much you can write about that subject.

4. In a rough estimate this year I've counted that since turning 11 years old I've had over 150 different hair colours. Ranging from pink, blue, purple, green, blonde, red, ginger, black, brunette and bright yellow which was a total bleach accident. 

5. Talking about hair, I'm a fully trained hair dresser who trained for a total of 5 years before deciding that it wasn't the career choice for me. Don't get me wrong I adored the creative and science behind hair but as career? Not for me!

6. I am obsessed with new music, as a little girl my uncle who worked for a very well known magazine would send me all the newly released singles out that week, I ended up with a collection of over 500 singles, This is actually something I've kept up with in my adult life, I very rarely miss listening to new albums on the release day from all genres. 

7. The only bug/creature I'm frightened of is a wasp! However I love bees and spiders. 

8. It's extremely rare for me to lose my temper or become stressed, I'm super relaxed in almost all situations. 

9. My all time favorite TV show was True Blood, nothing has ever come close to that show for me. I can re-watch it over and over and I adore all the characters like family. I've even read all the books and I rarely read. If you've seen it hit me up and we can geek out about it on twitter. 

10. It's a dream of mine to get into youtube and making youtube videos. I think once I get back into blogging more frequently and utilising my time I'll be able to do it, I've started slowly with instagram stories just vlogging little snippets of my day. You can find me on instagram HERE.



  1. I just discovered your blog and I loved this article.
    Even though I'm afraid of bees hahah


  2. 150 hair colours is A LOT! Wow!

    Emily xo

  3. Wow you have got a lot of hidden talents! Your special effects makeup is so good, and it must be handy to have those hairdressing skills x

    Velvet Blush

  4. I dont like wasps too, I was getting bites from them a few times. So hurtful!