Tuesday, 20 December 2016

5 Types of Christmas shoppers...

Hey loves!

Working in retail I've gained a little bit of knowledge about different types of Christmas shoppers, albeit there are hundreds but today I thought I would just pick out my favourite 5 that appear over the festive period.

The 'I'M IN A RUSH' Lady - I'm sure most of the population have encountered this woman at sometime over Christmas. You'll most likely find her standing in the middle of a huge que her coat and scarf half dangling off her shoulders, hair stuck to her forehead with sweat, crazy look in her eye, shouting at people behind the till.. 'ISN'T THERE ANY MORE STAFF?' followed by... 'I HAVE TO PICK MY KIDS UP IN 15 MINUTES.' followed by.. 'YOU KNOW WHAT, I'LL LEAVE IT.' Throwing her goods on the floor and then storming her way through the bewildered public via the nearest exit. 

The 'I have no idea what I'm doing' Man - This man is one of my favourites, You'll often see him just aimlessly walking up and down isles, his eyes glazed over. Most of the time this man isn't even looking at the goods in front of him, Just praying that maybe, hopefully something perfect will just jump out and land into the palms of his hands. If  you offer this man any help he will take the first thing you suggest and run for the tills. (This one also respawns around Valentines day.)

The 'You mean you don't sell it?!' person - This person has a specific gift in mind and when you unfortunately have to tell them that in fact, no we don't sell that here, they look at you like you've lost your mind. As much as I wish being retail staff entails making miracles happen I cant run to the stockroom and knit you a Christmas jumper with 2 Christmas puddings and bells on, sorry. 

The 'Why didn't you leave me at home?' Partner - This one I feel sorry for but sometimes it's comical to watch a grown man turn into a whiny, tired toddler. 'Can we go?', 'Yeah, that'll do', 'It's hot in here.' & 'I'm hungry.' are all things that come out of this poor fellas mouth. It's annoying for all parties involved and would save both of you a ton of aggro if you just took his credit card instead. 

The 'Last minute shopper.' - This shopper has usually just finished work on Christmas Eve and has made the conscious effort of leaving all their shopping till now. Even though the lines are out the door, the traffic is hideous and there really isn't much left on the shelves, this shopper is calm and collected. Why you ask? They've accepted their fate. They know they've messed up and they know all the complications that leaving this type of shopping till the last minute brings. Have they ruined Christmas when mum opens her present round the table and finds a salt and pepper shaker from poundland? well yeah, probably. 

Do you know any of these shoppers or are you one of these shoppers?! I probably won't get another post up now until the new year so I hope you all have a magical Christmas!


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