Thursday, 23 June 2016

It's time for a change.

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Hello Beauties, it's been a little while.

Coming back here to blog feels a little bit strange as the person I started this blog as is not the same person that's writing this post. In the past year my life has changed a substantial amount, I've learnt a lot, lost a lot and gained more then I ever expected. My urge to write has come back and for the most part I know exactly what I want to say. 

Granted my words might sometimes be jumbled, and my photos won't always be pretty make-up items but I feel like here I've got a platform and I just want to share everything. My layout needs fixing, my html is screwed and I need to get a custom domain but I'm in no rush! Lets just see what magic happens!

Are you ready for a change? because I sure am!