Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sweet Potato Crisps Recipe

Hello Beauties! 

So, I'm obsessed with sweet potatos. I thought I would share with you how I make my sweet potato chips! They're actually pretty healthy if cooked the right way. As usual I never followed a recipe for this as I pretty much eyeball'd the whole thing and it worked out pretty well!

Things you'll need!

1 half of Sweet Potato(this is what I used but adjust for more then 1 person!)
1 Calorie Cooking Spray(frylight is a good one)
So your going to need to wash that sweet potato! I actually scrub mine with the hard side of a sponge so it removes all the bits. Then you need to slice it up really finely, I wish I had food processor or mandolin but I had a crappy knife instead(watch your fingers) You want the slices all to be the same thickness and pretty thin. If you cut them too thickly then they'll be more like chips, equally good but not what were aiming for!
Next, either on the tray or in a bowl give your slices a spray with your 1 cal cooking spray mine was good at around 3 sprays, Next choose your topping! Like spice? add some chilli, Like sweetness? Paprika! You could even add fresh herbs, I just went with salt and paprika in the end and they tasted pretty amazing!
Time to bake those bad boys! Put them on a baking tray if they aren't already and make sure as best as you can they aren't over-lapping. If they over lap they won't crisp up as well, I baked mine at around 160c(fan assisted) the idea is you want to cook them on a low heat to draw out the moisture, this will create a lovely crispy sweet potato and not a chewy one. I cooked mine for about 45-50 minutes but this is dependent on your oven. I just kept going back every few minutes and checking they looked okay, I also flipped them a few times so both sides would crisp up! Once I thought they were at their full potential I took them out and placed them on a paper towel to soak up any extra oil, to be honest there wasn't that much it just helped in making them to feel greasy!
And there we go, pretty healthy if you ask me and a easy on the go snack, they last a few days in a ziplock back so they're perfect for packed lunches/on the go! I also imagine they would be amazing with a cheese & chive dip or a spicy salsa, the possibility is endless! 

Hope you enjoy and if you make them make sure you tag me in the photos @glitterinfatuat - on twitter and @glitterinfatuation on instagam


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