Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mini Lush Christmas Haul 2015

Happy weekend!

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Lush, especially the Christmas range. So yesterday after work I popped in, I didn't have much time so I just grabbed a few things I knew I was going to love. They have tons of new products at the moment along with the new Oxford street ranges, the Halloween range and the Christmas range it's a little over whelming but I'm looking forward to trying everything! I actually got a bit carried away yesterday and ended up using all three of these I used half the bubble bar and half the bath bomb just for reference! 

STAR DUST - I'm a sucker for glitter as you can probably tell by the name of my blog. So when I spotted this glittery shimmer star I knew it had to be mine, the smell is really vanilla-ery with a sharp lemon kick. I didn't use the whole thing but I really wish I did now, the outside is a crisp white star and the inside is bright blue, it makes the water super glittery but I don't think it attributed to my overall bath too much.

CANDY MOUNTAIN  - This is my all time favourite bubble bar from lush and over the Christmas period I tend to pick one up every time I go in so I can have them throughout the year, I've got a full review of this one HERE from last year. Usually they change the colours but this year they've just reversed the pink and white! Not that I mind, The bubbles and the snow fairy super sweet pear drop scent are amazing. 

FAIRY DUST - This has the same smell as Snow fairy and Candy Mountain, but its a dusting powder. I used this after my bath and it's amazing! If I wasn't looking like a sparkling fairy after bath with the two above then I defiantly was now! This stuff is soooo glittery and it smells amazing. I'd like to say it stays on my skin for a while but this morning I can't smell it at all or see any glitter. A little disappointing that it doesn't last! but it's worth it just for the smell. 

I'm a little sad I didn't pick up more, I think I'll try Cinders, Golden Wonder, So white and the Lush pud next! 

What's you favourite Lush product?

P.S Sunday the 4th(tomorrow when I'm typing this at least) is Beauty Olympia and Beauty Blogger Awards 2015 me and my little blog are nominated in the Best Established Beauty Blog category! I'll be at both events all day so if your going too one or even both come and say Hi!

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