Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lush Montalbano & Big Review

 Hello Beauties! 

It's not secret that I am a Lush fanatic. I'm on a mission to try and buy everything and give it a go at least once, So on a visit about 2 months ago I thought I would give the shampoo and conditioner a spin, My bath is normally FULL of  plastic shampoo & conditioners bottles which look cluttered and un-organised but these two sat nicely at the end of my bath looking neat and tidy and if anything they were a great source of conversation when people came over as they aren't your everyday looking products. It felt super nice to cut down on plastics but still have two really great products. I think I should probably also state I no longer use these for a few reasons the main one being I did have completely natural roots and dyed ends the shampoo worked well to strip oils from my hair but now I've got a full head of colour it would also strip the colour! but, I'll get more into that in the reviews of each one. My hair was natural at the top and very processed(lightened & coloured) at the ends.

Montalbano Shampoo Bar - Mmmm! I love the smell of this, it's so Lemony and refreshing. I did worry about how I would use this, you know rubbing a solid bar on your hair does feel a little bit strange but it works so much better then you'd imagined, you can also rub the bar between your hands and then apply it to your head both ways work really well and this bar lathers up like any other shampoo, it just smells 100% better then any shop brought. My hair literally squeaked it was so clean after using this, I also noticed grease build up was much slower and I cut down washing days to 2/3 times a week which I loved! 

Big Solid Conditioner - I think they've changed the packaging to this one since I brought it which I'm really happy about. The estimation on this when the lush staff cut it was way too diverse and it got expensive really quickly but by the looks of it, it's now a solid bar which is much much better! This smells so good too, It's lemony but its not so fresh as Montalbano it's got depth, more creamy(I think that's down to the extra virgin coconut oil) it also contains salt so it's fairly savoury. This one is however for the girls/guys who like texture and volume at the time of use I would wash my hair with these and then plait it over night and have gorgeously textured wavy hair in the morning. The salt does stay in your hair so it's not going to be shiny and there will be 'texture' in there too but for the style I wanted it was perfect BUT if you want sleek and straight this wont be for you! The texture I keep referring too will make straight hair look a little lank not greasy, just lank. Over all I loved this conditioner for the volume, non-greasiness and texture but the use of salt dried out my processed more then I liked and they looked a little frazzled by the time I stopped using it. So if you like this one pair it with a hair oil/serum or use it every other wash alternating it with a moisturising conditioner.  

Over time when I used these two together I found my hair grew insanely fast but I also omitted the use of heat on my hair for a good two months so that'll play its part too. I also had people constantly telling me my hair smelled amazing which was nice! It looked great and smelled amazing, I honestly felt like I gave my hair a really good detox and I would recommend them both to anyone. If I hadn't of gone for a full head colour(I'm now a red head!) then I would probably still be using these. 

That was an intense review right? I feel like I've stated just about everything possible about these two but if you do have any questions feel free to pop them in the comment box! Have you tried Lush Shampoos & Conditioners? 


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