Thursday, 22 October 2015

Top 3 Foundations

 Hey Beauties! 

I've been on the ultimate search for a good foundation and being such a pale person it's a tricky task, I want no-orange, long lasting, full coverage that doesn't look cakey! That's not too much to ask... is it? I actually made a promise to myself earlier on in the year to quit high-street foundation and go mid to high, has this worked out for me? Well, yes. I've now found 3 foundations I will happily use all for different reasons! 

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in 01 - The first foundation I turned too, I picked the light option at the time as I was really suffering with my acne and didn't want to suffocate it with the original version(if you've tried it you'll know what I mean, it's heavy in all aspects) on the website it says 1.0 is the lightest but in store I've 100% seen 0.5 too which I very nearly brought. 1.0 on me is a little dark but blends really well in the summer months, set properly and it doesn't move for a good few hours. I don't have super oily skin but after a while in summer heat it does move and it does transfer. I'm not 100% sure I'll purchase again but I'll 100% use the whole thing up! 

2. Vichy Dermablend in Porcelain - My second favourite, this is one of the newest shades out. I adore how it blends in and creates such a flawless base. In terms of colour matching this one is the best for my pasty skin. The one thing I always think when I wear it is 'I hate how this applies' but once you let it sit and set into your skin it's literally perfect! I don't even feel the need to powder over this as the coverage is so full but the finish is also beautiful i'd say its semi matte but not shiny. It just gives you a gorgeous glow. 

1. MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC13 - My Ultimate #1 I brought this foundation on a complete whim while down in Brighton and I've never looked back. The first thing that really caught my eye was the colour, not too yellow and not too pink it falls comfortably in the middle it's also pale enough for me which is always a winner. If you follow me on instagram the foundation i'm wearing 95% of the time is this and I've actually written up a full review HERE if your interested, It gives me the perfect colour match, while being full coverage but not cakey and lasts a really long time as long as I prep and powder once applied and once afterwards! 

So there we go! I hope this was insightful for anyone looking for a new foundation or if your a pale girl like me you can try a few of these out! 

What's your favourite foundation?

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Nivea Post Shave Balm As A Primer Review

 Hello Beauties!

Seems a little bit random that here on my prominently beauty related blog that I'd be talking about a male grooming product but stick with me here guys, It's all for good reason.

After hearing NikkiTutorials on Youtube talking about using Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a make-up primer I had to try it out, luckily my fiancĂ©e was stashing on that came in a Christmas present last year! I also really struggle with keeping any make-up on my face so I thought 'why not!' I'll put my trust in Nikki and go for it. 

The balm itself has a fairly mainly smell but also lemony so don't be put off by that, it completely disappears once you put your foundation over the top. The texture is unlike any 'primer' I've ever used as the consistency is runny, unlike the silicone filled primers I used to use. It also has a slightly sticky feeling when put on the skin. I think you just have to bare in mind this isn't like a primer because well, its not one! Thanks to the high amount of Glycerine in this balm your foundation/base will stick to it like a dream!

I honestly can't believe how well this stuff works, after the first day of trying it I was like 'yep, I'll never use anything else.' I had no wear, no caking and minimal shine. You'd never think something so simple would work so well and to make it even better its only £2.63 in superdrug at the moment! 

Have you tried this wonderfully wacky primer yet? If so what did you think of it?

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sweet Potato Crisps Recipe

Hello Beauties! 

So, I'm obsessed with sweet potatos. I thought I would share with you how I make my sweet potato chips! They're actually pretty healthy if cooked the right way. As usual I never followed a recipe for this as I pretty much eyeball'd the whole thing and it worked out pretty well!

Things you'll need!

1 half of Sweet Potato(this is what I used but adjust for more then 1 person!)
1 Calorie Cooking Spray(frylight is a good one)
So your going to need to wash that sweet potato! I actually scrub mine with the hard side of a sponge so it removes all the bits. Then you need to slice it up really finely, I wish I had food processor or mandolin but I had a crappy knife instead(watch your fingers) You want the slices all to be the same thickness and pretty thin. If you cut them too thickly then they'll be more like chips, equally good but not what were aiming for!
Next, either on the tray or in a bowl give your slices a spray with your 1 cal cooking spray mine was good at around 3 sprays, Next choose your topping! Like spice? add some chilli, Like sweetness? Paprika! You could even add fresh herbs, I just went with salt and paprika in the end and they tasted pretty amazing!
Time to bake those bad boys! Put them on a baking tray if they aren't already and make sure as best as you can they aren't over-lapping. If they over lap they won't crisp up as well, I baked mine at around 160c(fan assisted) the idea is you want to cook them on a low heat to draw out the moisture, this will create a lovely crispy sweet potato and not a chewy one. I cooked mine for about 45-50 minutes but this is dependent on your oven. I just kept going back every few minutes and checking they looked okay, I also flipped them a few times so both sides would crisp up! Once I thought they were at their full potential I took them out and placed them on a paper towel to soak up any extra oil, to be honest there wasn't that much it just helped in making them to feel greasy!
And there we go, pretty healthy if you ask me and a easy on the go snack, they last a few days in a ziplock back so they're perfect for packed lunches/on the go! I also imagine they would be amazing with a cheese & chive dip or a spicy salsa, the possibility is endless! 

Hope you enjoy and if you make them make sure you tag me in the photos @glitterinfatuat - on twitter and @glitterinfatuation on instagam


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lush Montalbano & Big Review

 Hello Beauties! 

It's not secret that I am a Lush fanatic. I'm on a mission to try and buy everything and give it a go at least once, So on a visit about 2 months ago I thought I would give the shampoo and conditioner a spin, My bath is normally FULL of  plastic shampoo & conditioners bottles which look cluttered and un-organised but these two sat nicely at the end of my bath looking neat and tidy and if anything they were a great source of conversation when people came over as they aren't your everyday looking products. It felt super nice to cut down on plastics but still have two really great products. I think I should probably also state I no longer use these for a few reasons the main one being I did have completely natural roots and dyed ends the shampoo worked well to strip oils from my hair but now I've got a full head of colour it would also strip the colour! but, I'll get more into that in the reviews of each one. My hair was natural at the top and very processed(lightened & coloured) at the ends.

Montalbano Shampoo Bar - Mmmm! I love the smell of this, it's so Lemony and refreshing. I did worry about how I would use this, you know rubbing a solid bar on your hair does feel a little bit strange but it works so much better then you'd imagined, you can also rub the bar between your hands and then apply it to your head both ways work really well and this bar lathers up like any other shampoo, it just smells 100% better then any shop brought. My hair literally squeaked it was so clean after using this, I also noticed grease build up was much slower and I cut down washing days to 2/3 times a week which I loved! 

Big Solid Conditioner - I think they've changed the packaging to this one since I brought it which I'm really happy about. The estimation on this when the lush staff cut it was way too diverse and it got expensive really quickly but by the looks of it, it's now a solid bar which is much much better! This smells so good too, It's lemony but its not so fresh as Montalbano it's got depth, more creamy(I think that's down to the extra virgin coconut oil) it also contains salt so it's fairly savoury. This one is however for the girls/guys who like texture and volume at the time of use I would wash my hair with these and then plait it over night and have gorgeously textured wavy hair in the morning. The salt does stay in your hair so it's not going to be shiny and there will be 'texture' in there too but for the style I wanted it was perfect BUT if you want sleek and straight this wont be for you! The texture I keep referring too will make straight hair look a little lank not greasy, just lank. Over all I loved this conditioner for the volume, non-greasiness and texture but the use of salt dried out my processed more then I liked and they looked a little frazzled by the time I stopped using it. So if you like this one pair it with a hair oil/serum or use it every other wash alternating it with a moisturising conditioner.  

Over time when I used these two together I found my hair grew insanely fast but I also omitted the use of heat on my hair for a good two months so that'll play its part too. I also had people constantly telling me my hair smelled amazing which was nice! It looked great and smelled amazing, I honestly felt like I gave my hair a really good detox and I would recommend them both to anyone. If I hadn't of gone for a full head colour(I'm now a red head!) then I would probably still be using these. 

That was an intense review right? I feel like I've stated just about everything possible about these two but if you do have any questions feel free to pop them in the comment box! Have you tried Lush Shampoos & Conditioners? 


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

MeMeMe Cosmetics Review

Hello Beauties!

MeMeMe cosmetics is a brand I've not really heard much about, I've tried a few products through things like glossy box but nothing really stood out to me, so when I got the chance to try them out properly I jumped at it and received these gorgeous products* for review purposes, My mind has 100% been changed. 

Angel Face BB Cream* in porcelain  - Although the colour of this BB cream doesn't fit my skin (I'm pink toned and this is yellow) it feels so lovely, If your looking for something that lightweight, light coverage and super smoothing. It sort of Illuminates the skin in a way that's not shiny but does make you look greasy, if this was more pink toned I think I'd wear it all the time!

Lip Glide* in Rich Truffle - I'm going to go ahead and say I need all of these Lip Glides. I'm totally in love with the colour of this one in Rich Truffle. The do start off a little glossy but dry to a completely matte finish, they also last a really long time on the lips I'd give it a good 5+ hours but they are drying, in fact they are quite moisturising.

Eye Sweep Eye Definer* - I adore this, I've tried so many times to love these pen type eyeliners but before trying this one I found they all dried up really fast or they stayed wet to long and would transfer all over my lid. This one has 100% changed my mind, this is amazing! Easy to use and long lasting is all I ask from my eyeliner and this one does just that, the lid is also twist on/off so no fear in it drying up either! It's also reduced to £5.95 at the moment so snap it up fast!

Something else to add about Mememe cosmetics is all products sold by the are cruelty free and you can visibly see all ingredients in each item on the product page. I really like this brand and hope to work with them more in the future!

Have you tried anything from MeMeMe Cosmetics?

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mini Lush Christmas Haul 2015

Happy weekend!

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Lush, especially the Christmas range. So yesterday after work I popped in, I didn't have much time so I just grabbed a few things I knew I was going to love. They have tons of new products at the moment along with the new Oxford street ranges, the Halloween range and the Christmas range it's a little over whelming but I'm looking forward to trying everything! I actually got a bit carried away yesterday and ended up using all three of these I used half the bubble bar and half the bath bomb just for reference! 

STAR DUST - I'm a sucker for glitter as you can probably tell by the name of my blog. So when I spotted this glittery shimmer star I knew it had to be mine, the smell is really vanilla-ery with a sharp lemon kick. I didn't use the whole thing but I really wish I did now, the outside is a crisp white star and the inside is bright blue, it makes the water super glittery but I don't think it attributed to my overall bath too much.

CANDY MOUNTAIN  - This is my all time favourite bubble bar from lush and over the Christmas period I tend to pick one up every time I go in so I can have them throughout the year, I've got a full review of this one HERE from last year. Usually they change the colours but this year they've just reversed the pink and white! Not that I mind, The bubbles and the snow fairy super sweet pear drop scent are amazing. 

FAIRY DUST - This has the same smell as Snow fairy and Candy Mountain, but its a dusting powder. I used this after my bath and it's amazing! If I wasn't looking like a sparkling fairy after bath with the two above then I defiantly was now! This stuff is soooo glittery and it smells amazing. I'd like to say it stays on my skin for a while but this morning I can't smell it at all or see any glitter. A little disappointing that it doesn't last! but it's worth it just for the smell. 

I'm a little sad I didn't pick up more, I think I'll try Cinders, Golden Wonder, So white and the Lush pud next! 

What's you favourite Lush product?

P.S Sunday the 4th(tomorrow when I'm typing this at least) is Beauty Olympia and Beauty Blogger Awards 2015 me and my little blog are nominated in the Best Established Beauty Blog category! I'll be at both events all day so if your going too one or even both come and say Hi!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ultra Velour Lip Cream's Make Up Revolution Review

Their eyes can't find us, You're not the last, Move you're mouth, All I think about is you. 

Hello Beauties! 

I've been meaning to post this for so long! I brought these Velour Lip Creams from Make-up Revolution and they're in the summer sale for £1.50 each. I really wanted to try a few different shades in this range but the red You're not the best, Your not the last(second swatch) and the pink All I think about you(last swatch) are pretty similar! and the nudes I picked up 

Over all the packaging is really simple you can see the colour of choice through the clear plastic tube and they're finished off with pretty gold writing and a high gloss finish. Like most make-up revolution lip products(minus the lipsticks) it comes with a doe foot applicator. One thing I will say about Make-up revolution is I've never had a problem with the packaging breaking or being 'off'. 

The Lip Creams are what I would call decent. I was hoping for more of a matte finish but you get something similar to a matte lipstick and instead it's more like a softer, not so drying or long lasting sister. I actually prefer these to matte lipsticks for work and things like that as they aren't so drastic or drying perfect for everyday.

Over all they last pretty well but wear off towards the middle of the mouth so you get left with the 'lip liner look' if you super good and not completely forgetful like me topping your lipstick up regularly then that shouldn't be a problem! I do really like these but I lip the Matte Liquid Lipsticks from make-up revolution more.

Have you tried these Velour Lip Creams?