Saturday, 5 September 2015

Super Healthy Weekend Almond Pancake Recipe!

 Hey Beauties!

I've recently been on a mission to eat healthier and try to cut out all bad foods. However, I've got the sweetest tooth in the world and giving up food like pancakes and doughnut has been really hard for me! That's when I saw 'Almond pancakes' I didn't research a recipe, just sort of made my own and fo the last few weeks I've been trying out different variations to make the perfect pancake! The are completely dairy free, vegetarian AND sugar free(if you don't add the sneaky maple syrup)

You will need;
100grams of ground almonds, 
2tbs of Milled linseed/flax whatever you like
1 banana
1tsp of sweetner(whatever one you use)
Vanilla pods

1. First up you'll need to really mash your banana, I mean I don't like chunks so I make sure its super smooth but if you want chunks of banana don't over mash, This actually takes way longer then I would have expected. 

2. Mix together all your dry ingredients and add your banana. I actually found I had a little bit too much dry ingredients so add it slowly to the mixture it's a ton thicker then a normal pancake mix but don't worry just look for a consistency similar to the one in the photo above. 

3. Heat a pan on the hob medium/high heat I didn't use oil of any type and didn't have a problem with it sticking I think that's down the banana. When the pan is hot add the mix in whatever sized batches you like, I used a 2 heaped table spoons and they were a little too big so I think 4 pancakes with one table spoon sized each would be perfect!

4. Cook until firm and golden brown on each side. Even though these contain nothing a normal pancake would they smelled exactly the same! I'd say cook for about 5 minutes on each side just watch the heat and make sure they're firm. 

5. Top with whatever you like! I've got really naughty fake maple syrup on mine as I said before I've got a sweet tooth. I really need to invest in real maple syrup, but add fruit. yoghurt, nutella or if your on slimming world I can imagine chocolate quark would be amazing! 

And it's as simple as that! If your not a fan of banana you can substitute it with an egg but I found that they we're really dry and I added more maple syrup to help(naughty!) They taste a little bit like banana bread and almond cake but still have pancake vibe, I love making these though as it's the sweet fix I need but they're totally healthy! 

Not to mention they make the best Sunday morning treat! 


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