Tuesday, 22 September 2015

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW13 Review

 Good Afternoon Beauties!

While I was in Brighton the other week I couldn't not waltz down Duke Street to visit MAC and till this point I've always wanted a MAC foundation but I didn't want to purchase one without trying the different tones in store. I was so happy to see this shade when I went in and picked up NW1it without hesitation! 

I've never had clear skin and having airbrushed perfection is something I've always wanted but I know it's not something acheivable in real life but from a distance this foundation is perfect, it even look stunning in photographs. I generally wear it with a primer and it smooths over pores but worn without can sometimes result in it making my pores visible as it sinks in. The texture is almost gel like so super thick, more so then my Estee Lauder double wear light and Dermablend and too apply I've only used a buffing brush to buff it in but I think I might give a beauty blender a go too as I find it 'sets' fairly fast and I can be left with brush strokes if I'm not careful(or its 5.30am and I'm half asleep.). 

The coverage is medium but it doesn't do well in hiding any purple tones my skin has being as fair as I am I struggle to find something to cover veins and bags under my eyes without putting yellow tones on my pale but also warm skintone, I figure that with NW13 the warm part has something to do with that but I can't be mad, I've never come across a foundation that's such a good match. If I was to go any paler I might as well use a white foundation. 

The finish is matte, but having oily skin means I do get a little shiny throughout the day so I powder over it, the wear time is also brilliant! I love how I can go out and I don't really have to worry about it slipping and sliding all over my face. It's also breathable which is super important to me, I don't feel caked in foundation. I also find it looks amazing in photography but the photo above was used with flash and thanks to the SPF I did get a little flash back but it's 100% un-edited so you could see exactly what it looks like on the skin.

Overall I'm so impressed with my first MAC purchase! I will 100% be getting more, I'm thinking the Fix+? let me know all your favourite too so I can check them out!

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