Sunday, 27 September 2015

Degustabox September 2015

Hello Beauties! 

I'm back with another Degustabox! IF you haven't heard about them before then I can't recommend them enough, This month I was so impressed with the box I received. If you haven't heard about them the way I like to describe them to bloggers/girls/beauty lovers is.. a Glossybox but filled with interesting and new food! Normally you get 9-14 full sized food and drink related items. The normal price is £12.99 but Degustabox have given me a huge discount for my readers, you can get £6 off if you use the code BLDEG15! 

TG GREEN TEA - Yes! so much yes! I'm of course a huge green tea so I was delighted to see these in the box. I received the Original and Mandarin flavours, I've not tried the Original but the Mandarin was lovely and not too sweet which some 'green tea's' are. They also contain Ginseng, which is a perfect natural pick me up! 

THE GOOD CIDER - I can't find any information on these ciders anywhere! but they look so lovely.  I'm not a cider drinker but I'm really interested in the Pear flavour! 

SWEET SALLY TEA - These are so cute and another tea drink yay! Made with black tea, spices, oranges and lemons! Delish! 

COMPLETE ENERGY BITES -  These are so interesting! These little chocolate bites are equivalent to 1 large premium coffee, I like the sound of them but I'm still not sure I'll try them I don't really like taking in caffeine this way, I think I'll stick to coffee!

UP & GO DRINKS - So many drinks this month! These UP & GO drinks are perfect for a quick and easy breakfast. I don't actually like this type of thing but my partner loves it so they'll be for him. 

PORTLEBAY POPCORN - Hand made in Devon everyone has been talking about these popcorn snacks! I love love the usual flavours I've even seen a coconut one? but I got the delicious Sweet & Salty(it works trust me) but the Cappuccino one has taken me by surprise!

WINE GUMS AND JELLY BEANS - Both of came in the berry only flavour which is heavenly! I only really like the red & black flavour anyway. I've got a feeling the berry only Jelly babies are pretty new and maybe a good addition for the autumn months!

MALLOW & MARSH - I loveeeeeee marshmallow so I was so excited to see these, 100% natural ingredients. I got the raspberry flavour and I cant wait to try them! 

REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS - Oh yeah, I think these might be my favour chocolate at the moment, I love peanut butter and these sickly sweet offerings are amazing! I think everyone loves these. I remember at one point they were super hard to find but now just about everywhere sells them. 

So there we go! Can you see why I love these boxes so much? It's so perfect if your a massive foodie like me. As I said above I'm so impressed with everything in the box and will only be passing on 2 items, which I know will be eaten by my partner the rest is 100% mine hehe.

Don't forget use the BLDEG15 for £6 off your first box!

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