Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A New Outlook

Hello Beauties! 

This is something I've touched on gently over on my instagram page. In the past 6 months I've had a complete life/personality over haul and I can honestly say I feel like a completely different person. I've really learnt about what I want from life, what I want to achieve and who I really am, So I thought I'd put together this post on how I did it, I know if I would have read this a long time ago it would have been just what I needed to see. I hope if your struggling with something right now, this might help you see things in another light. 

- Set a Goal - Sit down and have a good chat with yourself, where do you see yourself in a month? In a year? 5 years from now? There will be one thing that stands out the most be it a feeling, place, job anything and that's what your ultimately working towards just, make sure it's your goal not someone else's something your passionate for, something that'll wake you up smiling not dreading the day ahead. Having that goal in mind will make the smaller and annoying things none important.

- Be Positive - I 110% believe the energy you put out into the world will come back to you ten folds. It's all to easy to make having a 'rant' or moan a weekly, daily and for some an hourly chore. Try not to complain for at least 24 hours even if you feel like moaning through habit drown it out and say something out loud that's positive. You'll be so surprised how easily things change when your mind set is positive not negative. Make being positive a habit!

- Don't be Scared - Being scared of everything used to hold me back so much, I'd hide behind people more confident and avoid meeting new people at every single cost but I applied the two methods above and something just clicked. I couldn't sit still, I have this ultimate need to see, do and say everything. Stepping outside your comfort zone is terrifying but that personal growth you get from it is electric. I went from not being able to talk to a stranger without feeling stupid to group talking/training 10+ new starters at work. Don't ever underestimate yourself!

- Embrace the way you Feel - At the end of the day you've got to learn all about you. Forget what other people feel towards you it's completely irrelevant, Don't like your hair? Change it. Feeling Nervous? Embrace it, it's your feeling to become acquainted with and no one else is feeling it for you. Sit with your feelings, learn about them and then use what you've learnt to propel you into what your really aiming for. Know your own worth

- Knock backs Happen - They do and they suck, It happens to the best of us but think about someone that inspires you, did they get where they are now without fail? did ideas get turned away? Did they get ignored? the likely answer is, probably! You need to have failure and its vital for your being, It makes you stronger and inspires you to work on whatever is it harder, There's nothing that you can't do it just depends on your attitude towards it. 

- Be YOU - I think this might be the hardest step yet, It's so easy to be swayed into thinking like the crowd, acting in a way that people expect because its the norm, the usual, the everyday. Forcing the person you really are into a box is probably the most suffocating thing you can do. You have to be yourself it's the difference in you that makes you so bloody special. If people judge you on that then it's a reflection on them not you. There's something undeniably beautiful about seeing someone's true self. 

 You have all the power and will inside you to make anything your dream come true, You've just got to put the wheels in motion and believe you can then I can promise you, anything you want is possible. Don't sway off your path just yet, great things are just around the corner.


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