Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Brighton By Sunset

 Hello Beauties!

At the beginning of September me and my lovely mum took a little break from reality and spent a few days relaxing in Brighton. If you don't follow me on twitter or instagram you might not know, I adore Brighton and I dream about living there one day. I just love everything about it, the shops, the beach and the people! 

Anyway, if you haven't visited before you might not know that the sunsets are out of this world beautiful. Not only that but it makes for some incredibly beautiful photographs. I won't ramble on too long as I want the photo's to really do the talking. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. 


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Degustabox September 2015

Hello Beauties! 

I'm back with another Degustabox! IF you haven't heard about them before then I can't recommend them enough, This month I was so impressed with the box I received. If you haven't heard about them the way I like to describe them to bloggers/girls/beauty lovers is.. a Glossybox but filled with interesting and new food! Normally you get 9-14 full sized food and drink related items. The normal price is £12.99 but Degustabox have given me a huge discount for my readers, you can get £6 off if you use the code BLDEG15! 

TG GREEN TEA - Yes! so much yes! I'm of course a huge green tea so I was delighted to see these in the box. I received the Original and Mandarin flavours, I've not tried the Original but the Mandarin was lovely and not too sweet which some 'green tea's' are. They also contain Ginseng, which is a perfect natural pick me up! 

THE GOOD CIDER - I can't find any information on these ciders anywhere! but they look so lovely.  I'm not a cider drinker but I'm really interested in the Pear flavour! 

SWEET SALLY TEA - These are so cute and another tea drink yay! Made with black tea, spices, oranges and lemons! Delish! 

COMPLETE ENERGY BITES -  These are so interesting! These little chocolate bites are equivalent to 1 large premium coffee, I like the sound of them but I'm still not sure I'll try them I don't really like taking in caffeine this way, I think I'll stick to coffee!

UP & GO DRINKS - So many drinks this month! These UP & GO drinks are perfect for a quick and easy breakfast. I don't actually like this type of thing but my partner loves it so they'll be for him. 

PORTLEBAY POPCORN - Hand made in Devon everyone has been talking about these popcorn snacks! I love love the usual flavours I've even seen a coconut one? but I got the delicious Sweet & Salty(it works trust me) but the Cappuccino one has taken me by surprise!

WINE GUMS AND JELLY BEANS - Both of came in the berry only flavour which is heavenly! I only really like the red & black flavour anyway. I've got a feeling the berry only Jelly babies are pretty new and maybe a good addition for the autumn months!

MALLOW & MARSH - I loveeeeeee marshmallow so I was so excited to see these, 100% natural ingredients. I got the raspberry flavour and I cant wait to try them! 

REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS - Oh yeah, I think these might be my favour chocolate at the moment, I love peanut butter and these sickly sweet offerings are amazing! I think everyone loves these. I remember at one point they were super hard to find but now just about everywhere sells them. 

So there we go! Can you see why I love these boxes so much? It's so perfect if your a massive foodie like me. As I said above I'm so impressed with everything in the box and will only be passing on 2 items, which I know will be eaten by my partner the rest is 100% mine hehe.

Don't forget use the BLDEG15 for £6 off your first box!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW13 Review

 Good Afternoon Beauties!

While I was in Brighton the other week I couldn't not waltz down Duke Street to visit MAC and till this point I've always wanted a MAC foundation but I didn't want to purchase one without trying the different tones in store. I was so happy to see this shade when I went in and picked up NW1it without hesitation! 

I've never had clear skin and having airbrushed perfection is something I've always wanted but I know it's not something acheivable in real life but from a distance this foundation is perfect, it even look stunning in photographs. I generally wear it with a primer and it smooths over pores but worn without can sometimes result in it making my pores visible as it sinks in. The texture is almost gel like so super thick, more so then my Estee Lauder double wear light and Dermablend and too apply I've only used a buffing brush to buff it in but I think I might give a beauty blender a go too as I find it 'sets' fairly fast and I can be left with brush strokes if I'm not careful(or its 5.30am and I'm half asleep.). 

The coverage is medium but it doesn't do well in hiding any purple tones my skin has being as fair as I am I struggle to find something to cover veins and bags under my eyes without putting yellow tones on my pale but also warm skintone, I figure that with NW13 the warm part has something to do with that but I can't be mad, I've never come across a foundation that's such a good match. If I was to go any paler I might as well use a white foundation. 

The finish is matte, but having oily skin means I do get a little shiny throughout the day so I powder over it, the wear time is also brilliant! I love how I can go out and I don't really have to worry about it slipping and sliding all over my face. It's also breathable which is super important to me, I don't feel caked in foundation. I also find it looks amazing in photography but the photo above was used with flash and thanks to the SPF I did get a little flash back but it's 100% un-edited so you could see exactly what it looks like on the skin.

Overall I'm so impressed with my first MAC purchase! I will 100% be getting more, I'm thinking the Fix+? let me know all your favourite too so I can check them out!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Sabon NYC


Hey Beauties! 

I was sent these absolutely stunning Sabon NYC* products for review and I'm so excited to tell you all about them! One thing I really like about Sabon is the understanding of a bath! It sounds crazy but I spend so much time in the bath since being little I've always used a bath as a type of therapy! So a brand that understands the importance is really fabulous for me. 

They've recently launched in the UK making almost 145 worldwide boutiques! All the products are SLS free, Paraben Free and they are enriched with natural minerals and essential oils sounds perfect right? I was sent the Delicate Jasmine Body Sorbet and Rose Oil. I've got to say I really love the packaging too, they are both made out of glass and look amazing where ever you put them, I keep mind in my bedroom on display as I love the way the look so much they remind me of something from a Disney movie! 

Delicate Jasmine Body Sorbet - This is beautiful! It kind of reminds me of a really posh after sun and I can imagine it would be amazing used that way too because of the Aloe Vera. The smell is super clean, Aloe with a very tiny hint of Jasmine flower but the best thing about it? it feels cold and cools your skin when applied, I was using this while we had the heat wave and it's amazing. My skin also felt moisturised but not greasy which is a massive bonus in my books!  

Rose Tea Body Oil - I'm usually a big fan of rose scents but there was something about this one that I didn't like. However, I still use it frequently on my legs after shaving as it makes them so soft! It contains tons of vitamins and oils that make my pale/awful legs look super healthy and vibrant! 

The range doesn't stop there, They sell face masks, bath bombs, bath powder, face cream, hand soap... the list goes on and on there is something for everyone! I really like the look of the Bath Foam and the Body Scrub

What do you think of Sabon?

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Super Healthy Weekend Almond Pancake Recipe!

 Hey Beauties!

I've recently been on a mission to eat healthier and try to cut out all bad foods. However, I've got the sweetest tooth in the world and giving up food like pancakes and doughnut has been really hard for me! That's when I saw 'Almond pancakes' I didn't research a recipe, just sort of made my own and fo the last few weeks I've been trying out different variations to make the perfect pancake! The are completely dairy free, vegetarian AND sugar free(if you don't add the sneaky maple syrup)

You will need;
100grams of ground almonds, 
2tbs of Milled linseed/flax whatever you like
1 banana
1tsp of sweetner(whatever one you use)
Vanilla pods

1. First up you'll need to really mash your banana, I mean I don't like chunks so I make sure its super smooth but if you want chunks of banana don't over mash, This actually takes way longer then I would have expected. 

2. Mix together all your dry ingredients and add your banana. I actually found I had a little bit too much dry ingredients so add it slowly to the mixture it's a ton thicker then a normal pancake mix but don't worry just look for a consistency similar to the one in the photo above. 

3. Heat a pan on the hob medium/high heat I didn't use oil of any type and didn't have a problem with it sticking I think that's down the banana. When the pan is hot add the mix in whatever sized batches you like, I used a 2 heaped table spoons and they were a little too big so I think 4 pancakes with one table spoon sized each would be perfect!

4. Cook until firm and golden brown on each side. Even though these contain nothing a normal pancake would they smelled exactly the same! I'd say cook for about 5 minutes on each side just watch the heat and make sure they're firm. 

5. Top with whatever you like! I've got really naughty fake maple syrup on mine as I said before I've got a sweet tooth. I really need to invest in real maple syrup, but add fruit. yoghurt, nutella or if your on slimming world I can imagine chocolate quark would be amazing! 

And it's as simple as that! If your not a fan of banana you can substitute it with an egg but I found that they we're really dry and I added more maple syrup to help(naughty!) They taste a little bit like banana bread and almond cake but still have pancake vibe, I love making these though as it's the sweet fix I need but they're totally healthy! 

Not to mention they make the best Sunday morning treat! 


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A New Outlook

Hello Beauties! 

This is something I've touched on gently over on my instagram page. In the past 6 months I've had a complete life/personality over haul and I can honestly say I feel like a completely different person. I've really learnt about what I want from life, what I want to achieve and who I really am, So I thought I'd put together this post on how I did it, I know if I would have read this a long time ago it would have been just what I needed to see. I hope if your struggling with something right now, this might help you see things in another light. 

- Set a Goal - Sit down and have a good chat with yourself, where do you see yourself in a month? In a year? 5 years from now? There will be one thing that stands out the most be it a feeling, place, job anything and that's what your ultimately working towards just, make sure it's your goal not someone else's something your passionate for, something that'll wake you up smiling not dreading the day ahead. Having that goal in mind will make the smaller and annoying things none important.

- Be Positive - I 110% believe the energy you put out into the world will come back to you ten folds. It's all to easy to make having a 'rant' or moan a weekly, daily and for some an hourly chore. Try not to complain for at least 24 hours even if you feel like moaning through habit drown it out and say something out loud that's positive. You'll be so surprised how easily things change when your mind set is positive not negative. Make being positive a habit!

- Don't be Scared - Being scared of everything used to hold me back so much, I'd hide behind people more confident and avoid meeting new people at every single cost but I applied the two methods above and something just clicked. I couldn't sit still, I have this ultimate need to see, do and say everything. Stepping outside your comfort zone is terrifying but that personal growth you get from it is electric. I went from not being able to talk to a stranger without feeling stupid to group talking/training 10+ new starters at work. Don't ever underestimate yourself!

- Embrace the way you Feel - At the end of the day you've got to learn all about you. Forget what other people feel towards you it's completely irrelevant, Don't like your hair? Change it. Feeling Nervous? Embrace it, it's your feeling to become acquainted with and no one else is feeling it for you. Sit with your feelings, learn about them and then use what you've learnt to propel you into what your really aiming for. Know your own worth

- Knock backs Happen - They do and they suck, It happens to the best of us but think about someone that inspires you, did they get where they are now without fail? did ideas get turned away? Did they get ignored? the likely answer is, probably! You need to have failure and its vital for your being, It makes you stronger and inspires you to work on whatever is it harder, There's nothing that you can't do it just depends on your attitude towards it. 

- Be YOU - I think this might be the hardest step yet, It's so easy to be swayed into thinking like the crowd, acting in a way that people expect because its the norm, the usual, the everyday. Forcing the person you really are into a box is probably the most suffocating thing you can do. You have to be yourself it's the difference in you that makes you so bloody special. If people judge you on that then it's a reflection on them not you. There's something undeniably beautiful about seeing someone's true self. 

 You have all the power and will inside you to make anything your dream come true, You've just got to put the wheels in motion and believe you can then I can promise you, anything you want is possible. Don't sway off your path just yet, great things are just around the corner.