Sunday, 30 August 2015

Twlight Bath Bomb Review

Hey Beauties! 

Back with another Lush review, You might have noticed I've been posting a ton of Lush reviews recently and it's not without reason! I'll write a full post on as too why I've made the switch from shop brought(superdrug ect.)bath/shower products to Lush products. 

When I first picked up Twilight I was hit with a strong lavender scent which I really adore, I love having a hot bath just before I go to bed so lavender is the perfect scent to help send me off to a sleep slumber. The bath bomb itself is really pretty too, I love the raised moon and stars. 

Once placed in the bath it began fizzing away but at a slower rate then I expected, people had been telling me it was amazing but for the first 10 minutes it was just purple/blue it wasn't until it got closer to the middle the pink started to show and it looks so so beautiful, when it swirled round the water it was like art! You can also see in the photo I took above there was tons of glitter which is obviously(refer to my blog name.) always a good thing in my books! The water also turned the most gorgeous blue to start with and finished being a deep pinky/purple full of beautiful shimmer.

Once in the bath I noticed how soft the water felt which I later discovered was down to added cocoa butter it left my skin feeling super soft too. The smell also changed for me, it got really sugary sweet, I can't pin point exactly what it was but it was like lavender and vanilla mixed together which I didn't mind but I was a little disappointed the lavender had got over-powered. The smell lasted a good time on my skin too which I was really happy about and the shimmer was there but I didn't feel like a disco ball(sad face!) 

I would 100% repurchase this one and I think it would make the a perfect first time lush buy too, just so you can experience how magic lush can be! 

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