Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Real Benefits of Green Tea!

Hello Beauties!

I'm sure by now we've all heard about the amazing super food Green Tea, It's completely magical in all the ways. If you drink 9 cups a day you'll loose 9 stone 'apparently' and it burns away all the fat so you can have that wash board belly.(please detect my sarcasm?) but Alas! if this was the case everyone would be doing it, Green Tea after all is not a new thing people have been doing it for thousands of years. I thought I would give you an insight from someone who's been drinking green tea for years and ya' know is a real human being(I hope anyway), ME! 

I'm not saying I am all clued up about how if effects you insides or what the antioxidant count is but I can however tell you how it's changed my body and my overall feelings towards it, so if your thinking about starting you can have some realistic expectations not media forced over exaggerated nonsense! 

So, I started drinking green tea about a year ago and in that time I've gone through so many brands. To be really honest with you I hated the taste at first and thought it kinda smelled like pee! but through experimenting and adjustment I've settled on 3 favourites Twinings, Clipper and Pukka Tea's Supreme Matcha. I really suggest trying as many as possible, once you start drinking it it's so easy to get hooked, might as well get hooked on a good one right?

The main reasons I started drinking Green tea was to loose weight, improve my skin and I can honestly say it does work. In terms of the weight loss I'd say it does help with suppressing my appetite, I'm not as hungry as before and I don't feel the need to eat everything in sight but I've never weighed myself so I couldn't tell you how much I've lost but just know healthy eating and being active also plays a massive part! I also found before drinking green tea I would feel really bloated and uncomfortable after eating now I never get either feeling in fact, I never get bloated so if that's something you suffer with I would really recommend green tea however, the 'fat burning' rumours I don't believe at all. My skin has also improved and looks much brighter and redness caused by blemishes is almost completely gone, I also suffered with a really red nose for a while(no idea why) and that went down too. 

In terms of how my overall being feels? Well, I feel the same. I don't have any more/any less energy then before and it hasn't changed my hormonal balance mood swings/laughing fits still come and go as they please. I do however feel like putting Green Tea in my body is benefiting me although I probably can't see everything good it's doing, in comparison to fizzy drinks or cappuccino's it's doing so much more for me, I'll choose Green Tea over anything else these days! 

Well, I'm done. I think I've said all I can about Green Tea but if you have any questions do let me know! 

*this post isn't sponsored just a random ramble. 

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