Monday, 17 August 2015

Revisiting Prague

Hey Beauties!

I recently received this gorgeous Scratch off map*(photo's pending! check back wednesday, it's a beaut!) which has inspired me to add more travel into my blog, I heading to Brighton in a few weeks time but today I thought I would just have a chat about one of my favourite abroad holidays! 

In 2012 Matt(my fiancĂ©e) and I went on out very first holiday alone to Prague we've been on holidays since but this was my favourite! We'd wanted to go for such a long time as Matt had friends that lived out there and we both aren't really beach/relaxing holiday people. I prefer going away and exploring a big city(we're thinking Washington DC next!). We both needed a break and as it was a city holiday we didn't want to go for too long, they can get pretty tiring! 

super old photo of me lol!
 One thing I absolutely loved about this holiday was the flight time, it took less then 90 minutes on the way there and even less on the way home, If your not good with flying(I happen to love it weather long or short haul) then it's a great destination to travel too. We also flew with Wizair, I won't rave about this company too much it was a basic flight although we were aloud one carry on each and then had to pay for any suitcases. We ended up taking one but I think it cost us around £69 which is pretty expensive, we just managed to get 4 days worth of clothing in there for 2 people!

If you've never been to Prague I would 100% recommend it, it's an absolutely stunning country with so much to see and do. The architecture is out of this world and in some places it feels like your in a fairy tale! There was a small little market in the centre and it was just adorable the fruit stands were amazing and everything looks so delicious if your a foodie prague is such a good place to go. We also went to the castle and although its a massive walk up a really steep hill once you get to the top there is the most amazing views! Another favourite place was the Zoo, it was really open and not so enclosed as ours, all the animals had tons of space to run around in and even 'mountains' to climb up too, definitely one of the best zoo's I've been too!  I also felt safe where ever I was in Prague and I'd recommend it to couples 100% if beaches aren't your thing! 

I've added a few photos throughout the post, sorry if the quality is a little rubbish they're all from my facebook.
Have you ever been to Prague? If so what did you think?
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