Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Contour Palette Review


 Hello Beauties!

Makeup Revolution suprised me with this beautiful Contour Palette* the other week and I've been dying to type it up and tell you guys all about it. I've heard its a great dupe for the ABH contour palette but as I don't currently own that one I won't comment on it. 

The package is similar to most of Makeup Revolution's range, a sleek black case with a large mirror on the inside, like always it feels sturdy but I wouldn't want to to drop it! Inside the palette contains 3 highlights and 3 Contour colours along with 2 shimmer 'illuminating' highlighters. The highlighting shades along the top consist of a matte peach, matte yellow and a shimmery peach tone, all great highlighting tones especially with the colour correcting tones. The contour colours have a medium warm tone, a cool tone and a really warm toned shade. The first illuminating highlighter is really a really cool super shimmery shade and the second is a warmer golden shimmer! 

One thing I think is a huge bonus but also makes this palette not my favourite is the pigmentation! It's super pigmented and in most cases this is an amazing thing, but with this palette I struggled blending the darker shades perticually was almost impossible. Now, It could have been my base but I found it so so difficult to blend the darker shades out the lighter shades on the other hand worked well but not with my pale skintone! I absolutely love the Illuminating highlighters though especially the cool toned one! I wouldn't completely write this palette off however it just wasn't suited to my skintone. I think if you have tanned-medium tan skin it would be absolutely perfect!

Have you tried a contour palette? If so which ones?
*this pallet was sent to me but it was my choice to review it, 
all opinions are 100% my own.

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