Monday, 10 August 2015

Lush Yoga Bomb Review

 Hey Beauties!

Guess who's been to lush again, I went last week but they hadn't brought out the new Oxford Street range to the local stores yet so of course I had to go back and get a few more pieces! 

I'm not sure if Yoga Bomb is new or if it's part of the Oxford street range but it's completely passed under my radar before now. I saw someone on instagram post about it and I thought 'I have to get that!' When I picked it up I was expecting heady lavender floral as its meant to be a relaxing/yoga bath bomb. However, on first sniff I can pick up a real woody scent, it reminds me a little of incense burners but it's sweeter with a hint of floral. Like nothing I've ever tried before so I popped it in my basket to take home. 

Once it's plopped in the bath it begins to fizz, for me it actually fizzed super slowly and took maybe 10 minutes? I think that's a pretty long time for a a bath bomb. All gorgeous oils where released into the water and the air making my whole flat smell amazing. Once in the bath I noticed tons and tons of gold lustre! If you look real close in the last photo you can see it reflecting off the flash. Mine lso didn't let any of the shocking purple/blue out till right at the very end! My water went a funny greenish gold colour that reminded me of swamps, but the glitter won me over so I didn't mind too much.

Once in the bath I noticed that the water was super soft but not like the way Creamy Candy with the cocoa butter makes it soft more like oily? but not in the slightest bit greasy. My skin was super hydrated and when I got out(not covered in glitter much to my dismay!) it looks refreshed. clean and rejuvenated which was lovely! I also felt really relaxed and ready for bed. 

Have you tried you tried Yoga Bomb? 

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