Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lush Haul #2

 Hello Beauties,

I know, another Lush post! This time in the form of a haul. I would have had something else but the Sun's been somewhere else this week so photo taking hasn't been the best so here is my 2nd haul in 2 weeks! I completely forgot they where bringing out new Oxford street store products to our high street so I had to go back in and pick a few pieces up! 

Happy Hippy - I don't usually pick up shower gels(apart from snow fairy) from lush but Happy Hippy caught my eye.  I love anything that smells citrus and this is gorgeously grapefruit there's also a really lovely Lemon zing! 

Yoga Bomb - I won't talk too much about this one as I literally just reviewed it HERE, it's gorgeous! Perfectly relaxing and a deep woody scent that just puts the world the right way up again. 

The Godmother - I couldn't find a link to this one but if you love snow fairy you will absolutely love this, the smell is identical and reminds me of Pear drops! I'm hoping the scent stays on my skin as long as the shower gel does, so I can get my snow fairy kick all year! 

Respect Your Elders - This one is actually Matt's but I'll include it, We spent so long smelling them all looking for a suitable 'man' scent. Of course there's no such thing as a man scent but we settled on this one, it smells like grape juice to me but rich and woody. Not one to be passed up it also looks gorgeous sitting on the side of the tub!

Montalbano - My first ever shampoo bar! & I've got to say its a good one(I'll be reviewing this one and Big in full soon!) I asked the lovely staff what shampoo will be good for hair that's prone to grease and she instantly passed me this. It's so lemony to smell. I adore it already!

Big Solid conditioner - I didn't want a conditioner to make my hair lank and oily so I went with this, it's pretty pricey at £5.59 per 55g and lush only sell 100g at a time so each purchase will cost more then £10 however, I can tell you that I really adore it. It smells like coconut but also a little salty, I cut  off half a grape size chunk and smooth it through my hair ! It's made such a huge difference to my hair and I can't wait to tell you guys all about it. 

Have you tried anything from the Oxford street range?

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