Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lush Haul #1

 Hello Beauties!

I've not any type of haul in such a long time! I popped to Lush this afternoon as I was running low on bath bombs and bubble bars! I tried to pick up a few I haven't tried before or not tried in a long time! I'm thinking I might make this a more regular thing as I love my lush bath additions! I'll review all of these full at some point but for now I'll just write my first impressions! 

The Comforter - This is probably the biggest bubble bar lush sell and I think I would get at least 3 baths out of it. It smells absolutely beautiful with a sweet berry scent, I also feel as though there's a little citrus scent in there somewhere too! 

Creamy Candy - I love the smell of this one as it's super sweet! Not as 'sweet' smelling as Candy Mountain but more candy floss/sugary. I think they might have changed the colour and consistency of this one as I remember it being pale pink and crumbly where as now it's bright pink and really soft. 

Twilight - I've always wanted to try twilight but I always forget to pick it up, I'm a huge fan of lavender scents and this is no exception in fact I've got the bag next to me and it's over powering all the other scents. Rich with the real lavender plant scent nothing artificial about this one. 

Dragons Egg - When I first smelt this one I got a scent similar to lemon sherbet sweets! It's sweet but also citrus too of my most favourite things. I'm looking forward to popping this one in the bath as I have a feeling it'll look gorgeous when it fizzes! 

What's your favourite Lush bath products?!

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