Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How to efficiently use Instagram

Hey Beauties!

I'm just going to go out there and say it. I'm addicted to instagram(follow me at @glitterinfatuation) and it's now become my #1 social media app, I can spend ages looking through posts and fawning over beautiful flat lays but I also really enjoy using it as another way to connect with my readers and promote my blog. So, I'm no professional instagramer and I don't have 90k followers but I thought I'd share with you some hints and tips I've picked up to help with growth and making instagram connections.

 Bright Photos - This is my #1 tip for instagram, bright, clear and eye catching photos will really capture people if you think about it, when your fast scrolling through your feed what makes you stop and look? a dimly lit blurry photo of a lip gloss or a bright saturated photo of a lip gloss? Use editing apps such as Enlight(my personal favourite) and the instagram editor to really hone those picture perfect snaps.

Connect! - People seem to think instagram is all about the photos when in fact your can have pretty decent chats with people over the DMs and even on the photos themselves don't be afraid to leave comments and reply to comments too! It's a really fab way to get to know like minded people and it honestly couldn't be easier!

Use yo' hashtags - Hashtags are so important if your looking for further out reach and broadening your connections. #bbloggers & #beautyblogger our my personal favourite as everyone on these has the same interests as me. As well as using them, browse them too it's the perfect place for inspiration. A few other great hashtags are #makeupaddict #motd and #makeup.

Keep Track - Using websites like Iconosquare means you can get a really good look at your instagram statistics. It tells you everything from your best posting times(mines a Sunday at 12pm!) your weekly growth, Your spread rate and how to optimize your insta feed! It's such a handy little website and at a glance tells you everything you need to know and do!

Post - You of course post photos if you use instagram but the trick is keeping it consistent. Week days I post twice and day and on the weekend I aim for thrice! Keeping yourself relevant and always popping up with something new and interesting for you followers is a huge key!

I think that's the basics! Hope they help!


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