Saturday, 15 August 2015

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream Review

Hey Beauties! 

I'm not sure when or how this hand cream set from Crabtree & Eyelyn came into my life but what I do know is they've had a face lift since. These are the old style tubes and India Hicks is now called Caribbean Island Wild Flowers.  Anyway, I assume the formula is exactly the same for all three so I thought it was about time I did a little review, I'd left them over at my mums and her 'plant table' looked like the perfect spot to snap some photos. I really enjoy the aesthetics of this one, I hope you do too! 

La Source - I always get a little bit of a seaweed/salty vibe from this one, although beautiful it's not one that makes you want to keep on smelling throughout the day. However, if strong smells aren't what your after this one is perfect, very natural and very clean. 

India Hicks Island Living - Scented with Wild Lillys this one is my favourite of the three! It's a little bit coconuty but gorgeously floral too. The scent lasts ages on the hands but you only need a small amount as it can be a little greasy. Great if you've got really dry hands though. 

Gardeners - I often associate Crabtree & Evelyn with this packaging, it's always been one that sticks out to me as it looks target towards a small group of buyers, the gardeners. Rich with Shea butter and smelling like it too! It also has a smell that really reminds me of my grandmas green house in the summer, this ones more nourishing on the skin. 

I absolutely love this little hand cream sets and think they make the most beautiful gifts! Who wouldn't want three little tubes of hand creams all offering three different types of hand therapy! 
Have you ever tried Crabtree & Evelyn? What did you think?

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