Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Why I've switched from Hightreet to High End

Hello Beauties!

I've been meaning to type this one up for a while now and it's part of a series of posts I've got coming up, Including my previous 'how to handle make-up counters!', I've consciously made a choice to swap my beloved high street make-up and skincare over to high end spurges. For a girl who once loved a bargain and would get excited over 'dupes' this is a pretty big deal but one I feel I've had to make, and why?

For the past 10-11 years I've battled with acne, if you follow me on twitter I talk about it openly and for years and years I'd been buying different treatments from high street stores, Granted they work well for some people and for a short while for me but the more I look at my skin and the way it is now i've probably done more damage then I've done good. My main goal was switching skincare, I sampled a fair few brands before settling on Clinique. Now while I'm not 100% sure this is classed as a high end brand it is from a counter, which I might add gave me some of the best skin care advise i've ever been given, those ladies know their business! I'm also sampling(I was given a ton by another counter staff) Estee Lauders Clear Difference Gel I've got about a 3 month supply in samples, but I'll be 100% purchasing when it runs out. Within weeks I've seen a huge improvement in my skin, to the point where I don't wake up in tears thinking about what I'll look even with make-up on, my confidence has sky rocketed. The only thing I've changed is my skincare, I'm going to go out there and say it's probably the quality of the products that have helped. I want to look after my skin and always be this happy with it, so for now high end skincare is doing that and that's what I'll be sticking too!

Along with creating a healthier base I wanted make-up that would 1. Do what it says it would 2. Be full coverage and 3. Last a whole shift a work and not only those three things but I wanted something that would actually match my super fair skin. The amount of high street foundations I brought over 11 years would have been enough to buy me a holiday, not only that but they suffocated my skin, blocked my pores and the colour matches where awful! So I went on a hunt, I was willing to lay down serious money for a foundation that did everything I wanted and matched my skintone, I went through so many samples, had a fair few 'make-overs' at counters until I found just what I was looking for which happened to be Estee Lauders Double Wear Light in the shade 1.0. I'll go into more detail in a product review of this one but it suits me perfectly and my skin can finally breathe, I'm not paranoid it's going to slip all over my face and it covers imperfection beautifully. 

Granted, This is all I've brought so far but I work part time so buying a whole new make-up collection isn't going to happen for me over night(unless I win the lottery, fingers crossed guys!) and now I've got my bases sorted I'm looking for concealers, eyeliners and blushes! So if you have any recommendations on those I'd love to hear them and while I think high end make-up is incredibly snazzy there are a few high street buys I don't think I'll ever be able to part with! I also don't think I'll buy high end mascaras, as weird as it sounds I practically have no eyelashes so there's no really point, I'd rather buy some pretty false eyelashes, something's never change! 

What's you favourite high end beauty buy and I'd love to hear your experiences with high street vs high end?

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