Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick

Hello Beauties! 

I recently won a competition and this Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick(what a name!). I was so excited as I haven't tried anything from Too Faced and it seems to be everywhere especially the melted lipstick range. Soapbox(the company running the competition) let me choose any colour I like and actually had to hunt this one down for me which was so very sweet of them!  

One thing that keeps coming round at the moment for me is packaging, I feel like companies are really looking into it deeper and bringing out really unique stand out packaging and these lipsticks are no exception! The gold detailing on the box and tube are the icing on the cake and just give it that 'luxury' feel. I also like how the colour on the box/tube is also representative of the lipstick shade inside. 

When you twist off the lid your met with a doe foot applicator that dispenses the product inside with a little(very little) squeeze of the tube. The applicator is really soft and perfect for evenly dispensing the product, no patchiness. Too faced claims 'no applicator' is needed which I agree with to an extent, somehow the tip stays perfectly in the line you permit and gives you great control but, my lips are fairly wide so it just fits but I think if you had thinner lips control might be harder to achieve. 

The colour I choose was Melted Nude, I really love nudes at the moment and this one is a real peachy nude, In fact for me and my pale skin tone it leans to the orange shade you can see in the photo, I would say it washes me out a little but it's nothing a bit of bronzer and blush can't correct. The formula is really opaque so you can go really light for a subtle finish or heavier for more depth, I personally prefer going a little bit lighter. The finish starts off pretty glossy but dries to satin/matte I've seen a fair few people saying that this will last a whole day on the them and the packaging says 'Long Lasting' but for me I say 3+ hours which I don't mind all that much but when you wear it you've just got to remember to top it up if your out and about. 

These retail at around £15, which is a little steep. However I can justify it buy saying it's a pretty awesome looking product, the applicator is of course gimmicky but it works really well, the packaging is stunning, the colour pay off is crazy good and the finish is one of my favourites! I've got my eye on a few of the newer shades too, Melon and Sugar look amazing!

Have you tried any of Too Faced Liquid Lipsticks?

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