Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sweet Cecily's Hand Cream Review

Hey Beauties!

I'm so sorry this post is a little late, The sunshine along with spending tons of time with family over the last few days has really put my routine out of whack. Never the less, I'm here now with a super cute review! 

The lovely people over at Sweet Cecily's sent me this really sweet little Elderflower & Almond hand cream* and on reading up more about this cute little company and I'm pretty impressed they use natural ingredients that are good for your skin and for the environment they've really researched the products they've used and even have a page dedicated to tell you just what you'll find in your selected product HERE. It's always so lovely to see a company putting so much effort into making gorgeous and good for you products. 

I'll start off with the packaging, it came to me in a gorgeous little linen bag with the sweetest note attached, the hand cream is packaged in a lovely little plastic jar, I really like the all round 'natural' vibe these products give off, kind of like home made but really beautifully articulated. 

The hand cream itself actually has a pretty unusual texture! It's thick but its also whipped making it super light on the skin, it's hard to describe but think of whipped cream and you'll get the idea. The smell reminds me of grape? but I think it's the floral elderflower coming through I was expecting the almond to make it smell sweet like marzipan but I can't smell anything like that. The smell it's offensive in anyway and it's not noticeable once the cream has settled in.  I've been using this cream for the past few weeks and I have to say my hands are in really great condition, I work with them a lot and carry heavy things all the time so sometimes they can be a little worse for wear especially round the cuticle area and my nails but they've really improved and I've even seen some nail growth which hardly ever happens and I can thank this cream for that! 

I really enjoyed taking these photo's in mum's garden too, the natural packaging and the flowers really look gorgeous together. It's not often a product I review co-insides with the outside so well so I think that's something to take on board! Who know's I might venture outside for blog photos more often! If you manage to make it over to Sweet Cecily's website then check out the 'make your own kits' they look like so much fun! 

Have you tried anything from Sweet Cecily's?

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