Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How To Handle Make-up Counters

Hello Beauties!

This post is in correlation with a few other posts I've got coming up on 'higher' end make-up/skin and I thought it would be a great thing to share being a completely newbie to approaching make-up counters and using said high end make-up/skin care. 

  • Don't be nervous - That's something easier said then done that's for sure. I've never been great at the awkward 'first impression' thing and starting a conversation doesn't come naturally to me. I would 100% prefer to shop in my own time but without fail every time I've been to a counter I've been asked 'Do you need any help?' by the staff. So instead of say 'No thank you' and  regretting it the second I want to try something out. I say 'Sure, I've been looking at..' or 'Yes, please I've heard so much about...' or even 'Sure, What's new?' Trust me, they will take the conversation from there!
  • Use the staff to your advantage - These ladies know exactly what they are talking about and if it's a quiet day they might even give you a make-over,(Bobbi Brown, are AMAZING for this, you leave with a face chart with products they used.) These ladies/gents know what they are talking about, they spend their whole day with these products so use that knowledge. Want a foundation with medium coverage? Ask! Want a skincare range that will suit your skin type perfectly? Ask! They are there to help you. 
  • Samples - I'm super picky, when I know I want to spend good(and a lot of money) on a product. I was always so nervous about asking samples but knowing I wanted a high end foundation that wouldn't upset my skin was a big thing for me, considering you aren't allowed to take make-up back played a massive part. The way I found my perfect match was through samples and 'make-overs' although they take a lot longer. Samples are my preferred choice, I get to try them at home, with my brushes, in my time. I actually never had a problem with getting samples and the girls/guys at the counters never turned me down or said no so bare that in mind, I've asked for alot and the magority of the time they usually throw in a few extras. 
  • Do a little bit of research, Walking into a big retailer like John Lewis or House of Fraser can sometimes be daunting. Especially if you are like me and new to the whole experience, the best advice I can probably give is do a little interest, read a few reviews, know what your heading in there to try or what brand your focusing on, Luckily I work and live really close to a big retailer so I was able to do one or two counters every time I wondered in,
Anyway, I hope that helps! I'll have a few more like this coming up in the future to so stay tuned! 

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