Saturday, 11 July 2015

Fun Things To Do In London

Hey Beauties! 

Growing up in London I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite things to do! I absolutely adore London and spent a good portion of my childhood/teenage years exploring the trains and streets. You might find this useful if your having a first time visit or if your at a bit of a loose end!
  • Camden Market - This is where I spent a really large amount of time when I was a teenager and now when I go back as an adult I can always remember the funny moments I shared with Camden, If your looking for the market head on over to the Stables market and if foods more your thing make your way to the West yard where there is the most amazing Gobal food market! Of course if markets aren't your thing you can peruse the unusual shops and sit by the canal with a starbucks coffee! 
  • Harrods, Selfridges & Harvey Nichols - Three of my favourite places in London, yes they are expensive, and yes, they are always super busy but if you forget the people around you and really soak up the atmosphere you'll get a shopping experience like no other! To be honest, my favourite place of the above stores is always the food departments something about the over the top extravagance really excites me! You'll never see anything quiet like it anywhere else. 
  • London Zoo - This is another place I hold close to my heart as it reminds me of being super little and visiting with my mum! We went quiet a lot when I was little and it always felt so much bigger but going back as an adult is a completely different experience and one that I really love as I adore animals! However, I refuse to go in the 'bug house' and can't quiet understand why they play 'bug noises' outside it, it makes my skin crawl. However, it's a really lovely day out and its in a pretty awesome location too!
  • Borough Market - I first came here about a year or so a go and I loved it so much I went twice in one week! If you love food this really is the place for you and a really old school London market vibe is what enchants me about this place. The melted cheese stand is one of the most mesmerising things I've ever seen along with the massive fruit and veg stalls with delish freshly squeezed juices! Yum!
  • South Bank - If you've got your walking shoes on this one is for you, I often walk the whole length of South bank(St James's park is near too, HERES a post all about it!)which starts at the London Eye(across the river is Big Ben) Aquarium and London dungeons also recently moved here then there is usually some kind of happening as you carry on walking, last time I went it was a massive Spanish festival but around Christmas time there's a magical German market! Keep walking and you'll reach The Tate Modern, go a bit furtherer and you be at the globe theatre, there's also some really great restaurants and the cutest little pubs around this area and down the twisted alleys and if you go even further you wind up at Borough Market! To me, that's my perfect day out in London! It's gorgeous to look at as you walk the Thames and there's more 'adult' things to do!
I suppose that's it although, as I was writing this I remembered so many other things I love to do in London so I might type up another one soon! Let me know if you've done any of these things? and if not what's your favourite past time in London? 


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