Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Favourite Youtube Channels


Hello Beauties!

So, Now that I've told you all about my favourite blogs I thought I would share with you my favourite youtube channels. I'm a massive youtube fan, and follow so many varities of channels I thought this one might be a good one to share too!

Glam & Gore is run by the absolutely amazing Mykie, This girl has talent like no other! She's a self taught special effects and professional beauty artist, if that's not awesome I don't know what is! Her channel features tutorials of your everyday 'glam' looks, cut crease, how to apply false eyelashes and so on but it also caters to the more macabre side of things like a Zombie Sloth, Pre/Post Op Barbie and Pop Art Zombae's. It also sounds a little crazy but once you watch one video your instantly hooked on Mykie as she's absolutely hilarious!

Do you ever watch a youtuber and think(in the least creepiest way) 'We would 100% be best friends.' This is how I and I think everyone else who watches her feel about Estee everything she says I find my self nodding along too. I always feel there's a real humbleness and honesty to her videos that you sometimes don't get from vloggers. She does a whole host of  beauty hauls, tutorials and she even has a pretty epic vlog channel that I love watching too! This one isn't to be missed!

I have always wanted to go to Japan and I now vicariously do so though Candanian born Sharla! She moved to Japan and now spends her free time vlogging her experience, She's covered everything from food, clothing and festivals. I could honestly watch her videos all day! If your ever interested in going to Japan defiantly subscribe to her as she gives some great advice about Japan too!

Emma is another self taught make-up artist, who mainly does make-up tutorials but they are so up my street! She loves a smokey eye and dark lip and tends to stick to the grunge look. With her pale skin and dark hair I can relate to items she uses and find it super useful when she mentions what foundations/concealers she uses(we all know that battle!). With her lovely personality and super cute voice she's a great youtuber to watch,

So there it is my favourite Youtubers! Let me know if any of these are yours too or if they are different, I want to know who you guys watch?

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