Thursday, 30 July 2015

Degustabox July Review

 *ignore the 'june' in the first photo its meant to be July! Doh!
Hey Beauties! 

It's been a while since I've reviewed the ever so interesting Degustabox*. If you haven't heard of Degustabox I will give you a quick low down of what it's all about. Just like our monthly subscription box but instead you get 9-12 full size new to the market food/drink items.

Lambrini so strawberry - Lambrini isn't one of the brands you here about anymore, I actually used to drink the original Lambrini a few years ago but since then I don't drink at all. I'll open this up at some point to share with friends and have a little drink as the new strawberry flavour really intrigues me!

Newton's appl fizzics - A brand I've not heard of this is completely natural, no artificial ingredients and no added sugar, In fact it contains 40% less sugar then your everyday apple juice, I'm super looking forward to trying this one, I'm hoping it's like a healthy appletizer! 

Tasty Little Numbers - These are pretty cool if portion control is something your looking for with a mix between 100-200 calories per meal they're the perfect dinner if your watching your weight! I won't actually try these but I think my fiancee will love them!

Say Yes To No - Are you ready for a list? No artificial flavourings or additives, No marketing lies, no photoshopped images(on packaging), No colourings. Say yes to no are a company who are really laying it all out bare being completely transparent in not only what's in the product but the way it's advertised to. I think that's pretty genius and these Sour Cream and Onion bread chips are all the more appealing for it!

Geetas Mango Chutney -  I love mango chutney so I was really happy to see this in my box and I've got a feeling that it'll go really well with the chips above! Geeta's is this months DB's discoveries meaning it's a lesser known brand but still one that's eager to expand.

Jele Beautie - So Jele is Tilands best selling jelly snack with a massive amount of produce. I couldn't find much information but on this page it shows everything the sell. I'm so sure that I used to buy something a lot like this in a tiny little plastic container when I was younger my favourite flavour being Lychee! But anyway they also have these drinks with added collagen and vitamins I don't think I'll drink it and all of a sudden look like Angelina Jolie but its a nice ploy! 

Weetabix on the go - Weetabix in drink form makes me feel queasy if I'm honest and the smell makes me feel even worse but If your looking for a high protein, high energy and loads of vitamins in the morning for breakfast this will be for you! 

Fru Snax - These are pretty interesting, frozen and then evaporated locking in all the fruity flavour. They also contain less then 50 calories, which make them the perfect snack. 

Taking the pea - A little bit of a strange name for a food company and an even stranger combination of flavours, fresh English grown peas containing high fibre and less fat then regular nuts. These are flavoured with smoked ham though which I think is really odd! I'm still pretty excited to try it! 

Overall, I absolutely love these boxes and think they are an amazing idea! Keep up to date with my instagram @glitterinfatuat and if I really enjoy anything I'll put it up there with a mini review! Have you/will you try anything from this Degustabox?


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