Thursday, 25 June 2015

Top Tv Shows On Netflix

Hello Beauties,

Let's face it, Netflix is a massive part of a majority of our lives and if its not? It should be! Unlimited access to hundreds of amazing movies, and thousands of enthralling tv shows, gone is the days of Eastenders and Corrie and in are the days of Netflix. I've pretty much watched and sampled everything Netflix has to offer so I thought I would tell you about my favourites. 

Orange Is The New Black  
Set in a women's federal prison called Lichfield where Piper Chapman is sentenced to do her time for a crime she committed years ago with her ex-girlfriend. While in the prison she meets a whole host of other women with their own back stories and absolutely amazing personalities and you get to go on a journey with her discovering this new way of living. One thing I have to say about this show is how it captures you, you'll love the characters, cry with them and laugh(a lot) with them too! If you haven't seen this yet then I highly recommend it, it's without a doubt my favourite! and um, Ruby Rose.

Pretty Little Liars 

Have you jumped on the #PLL bandwagon yet? because you so should. A year following the death of the four main characters best friend Alison the girls are stalked by an unknown person called A, A seems to know every little thing about the girls as if they are watching their every move. Will they ever discover who A actually is? I adore this show, but it is a commitment, if you haven't caught up theres a lot to watch spanning over 6 seasons with 25 episodes at 40 minutes long each it's tough work, but just watch the first 5 episodes and you will be hooked! It's creepy, cute and the characters relationships with family, friends, boyfriends are all intertwined keeping it interesting. 

Hemlock Grove

Totally under rated and hardly ever spoken about is this Netflix original. Based on two guys, Roman and Peter (hellooooo!) both very very different beings. Think twilight but from the guys point of view and a ton more seedy, sexy and disgusting. It's also got an amazing cast and it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. There is one part that should come with a big warning sign I won't give too much away but it's a 'transformation' like you have never seen it before. 

American Horror Story 

Pretty much everyone I know has watched at least the first season of AHS and most people I know have loved it. An anthology(same actors, different characters per season) horror show that will have you turning on the lights at night time! It's gory, paranormal and down right terrifying at times but that's why you watch it! If terrifying really isn't your thing maybe steer clear of Season 1 - Murder House and Season 2 - Asylum and skip straight to my favourite which is Season 3 - Coven based around a boarding school with young witches it's still scary but it's not as gory or terrifying. Don't knock this one till you've tried it!

I think for now that's it! There are of course so many many more out there and I would love to know your favourites! Are they the same as mine? 

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