Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Summer Happy Feet

Hello Beauties!

You wouldn't believe the struggle I've gone to get these photos up in the last week, I played around with my camera setting and couldn't get it back how I liked it, believe it or not I had to re-take these about 4 times! Nightmare, they still aren't perfect but I think they'll do or I'll have no new content. 

Anyway, I'm not someone who really looks after their feet, In the winter/autumn/spring time I tend to wear a lot of boots and 'full' shoes, so my feet aren't my main concern! However once summer rolls around boots are the last thing you want smothering your feet, so ya' got to look after them! This is how I keep mine fresh, smooth and cute. This could be a weekly thing or just before a holiday or special occasion. 

I typically like to soak my feet first using the Nip + Fab Detox blend granted this is a bath soak and you can buy things especially for this kind of thing but it works beautifully for your feet too! The coconut oil soften and smooths, while the tea tree cools and the Jasmine scent relaxes, Another totally multi-use product is a body scrub, I adore the Soap & Glory Scrub 'em and Leave 'em  for this. The scrub is fine enough for gentle exfoliation but won't leave them red from harsh 'beads' or sore from over exfoliating and if you know anything about your feet? You should never try and remove hard skin all at once, the pain is definitely something you don't want experience and it takes a long time to heal! I also like to apply a softening cream and at the moment I'm using this one gifted to be by Scholl, The Instant Recovery Cream* has done wonders for my feet in the last few weeks, I put this on before bed with a pair of socks and when I wake up in the morning my feet feel sliky smooth and moisturised which is different, but lovely all the same. 

My favourite part of this routine is the decoration! I love painting my top nails a really bright pink or green this these two from essence if your feeling extra artistic you could do a little nail art but I prefer a glitter polish as for me, glitter nail polish doesn't chip as fast meaning I can keep the super cute colour for a longer and when I do them it feels like a treat, not a chore. I also wear a ton of heeled(I wear a lot of heels anyway so this could be an all year thing too.) sandals in the summer and have brought endless supplies of these Scholl Gel Cushions * they aren't something I would wear everyday but if I knew I was going to be in heels and on my feet all day I would definitely use them they just take the  impact away from the balls of your feet and you can have happy feet all day long!

Hope you enjoyed this post! How do you keep your feet happy?

*Products are sent for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own, as always.

P.S On a side note, I've been nominanted from 'Best established beauty blog' in the 2015 Beauty Blogger Awards. I'm pretty gob-smacked if I'm honest and it's a huge honour to be up there with some of the ladies I've looked up to for the longest time. If you would like to vote for me and my little blog just click the widget below and it'll take you straight the page, Thank you so much guys!

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