Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Rodial & Mary Katrantzou Candle

Hey Beauties! 

I haven't done a candle review in such a long time, Rodial are normally known for their amazing skincare and make-up and a few months back I won a competition and this gorgeous Candle was part of the prize. Rodial worked with designer Mary Katrantzou to create this absolutely stunning Candle!

The first thing the strikes you with this candle the stunning print on the box and the jar itself. If you look closely it has a little bit of a marc jacobs flare that I love, the Primary yellow tones mixed with the gold detailing is so pretty once it's lit and burns down slightly the light shines through the print too! It honestly looks beautiful where ever you put it in your home and will make a gorgeous centre piece on a coffee table! 

The smell is what sells me the most with this candle though, you can smell it before you've even opened the box! Your hit with a super strong citrus note that reminds me of lemon sherberts it's citrus but sweet at the same time! There's also a beautiful floral under tone that only shows itself when it starts to burn, I'll be honest and say with such a strong initial 'sniff' I was expecting the room to be filled with the gorgeous scent quickly but once lit it took a good 20 minutes for it to spread but now that it's started I can smell it all over my flat! 

It'll set you back a hefty £35 which personally I think it quiet expensive for a candle but I do see this making the most amazing present for someone close or an avid beauty & candle lover! Have you tried anything from Rodial? I'd love some recommendations! 


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