Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Favourite Blogs


Hello Beauties!

I didn't really know what to post today but after spending the whole evening reading blogs I thought I would tell you my most read and favourite of the bunch! Not to say I don't enjoy every blog post I read because lets face it, I do, but these are my most returned to and ones I'll save up.(by save  up I mean, wait a week or two and read a few posts at once with a cup of tea, only me?)

I can't tell you how long I've been reading Becky's blog but it has to be a good two years now and it's one I return to frequently. I just love everything about it, the way she writes, the way her blog looks. I've always found her such a big inspiration and such a genuinely lovely person, she really gets involved in the blogging community which makes a huge difference! My favourite posts from her are the FF and her lush hauls/reviews, nothing makes me want to spend my all wages more then a lush post by Becky!

Glam Beautys is owned by the beautiful Liza! I think her blog is on everyone 'must read' lists. Her photography is absolutely stunning, I love everything she posts! She has the most gorgeous Youtube channel too and you can see she's such a complete natural with being on the camera, it's lovely to watch her as you can see she really enjoys what she's doing!

Let's face it, I'm obsessed with Zoe. The hair, the look, the clothes and the blog! If you need inspiration or just a really good read grab a cup of tea and head over to her blog, The effort and pizazz she puts into her post's is something I only dreaming of having. She's an all round blogger but I most love her advice posts; from how to be a better morning person to improving your blog in ways I'd never even thought of. Honestly, you won't regret following this one! 

Let's just say these girls have got it down! Sara & Jade are two pretty awesome fanshionistas, although they're styles are quiet different they come together harmoniously in their brilliant blog! I actually think theirs is one I stumbled across right in the very beginning. It's such a perfect one to have a read of and gather some inspiration if your at a little bit of a fashion loss! I honestly love this blog! 

 So Enjoy, Spread the love and don't forget to tell me your favourites in the comments below! 

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