Saturday, 27 June 2015

Iconemesis Phone Case

Hey Beauties! 

I was recently sent this absolutely adorable Fifi Lapin* phone case, It honestly couldn't of come at a better time, I'd been looking for a cute but not bulky phonecase that would keep my phone nice a safe too as I have a habit of throwing it on the floor.. anyway, when this came through my letterbox I was delighted! 

This one is for an iphone 6 but they also do others for 6 plus, 5c and 5s. Most of the cases range from £10-£15 which, if you've looked for a 6 or 6 plus phone case recently you'll know is really reasonable. I think there is something on the website for most girls, although Fifi Lapin is 100% my favourite of the bunch! There's one where she's wearing a cupcake and I can't take the cuteness.

The case's themselves snap on and off really smoothly and I don't have to put up a fight with it which is nice my phones never 'slipped' out so that's a bonus too, it grips well! It feels super sturdy and I've put my trust in it to look after my phone. Although I do take it off when it's charging as it seems to get a little hotter then usual. 

What do you think of my super cute phone case? 

*Item was sent to me for review but as always opinions are 100% my own

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