Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Catch Up!

 Happy Sunday Beauties

Candles - Oh my! If your like me and are obssesed with Tkmaxx/Homesense next time your in there look for these 'Everyday Luxe' candles. I started buying them around spring last year and then they disappeared just after Christmas! They cost £5.99 a pop and smell better then any other candles I've brought, I'd pick these ones up over any yankee! 

St James Park - I cannot reccomend this place enough, I won't go into too much detail but last Sunday me and Matt honestly stumbled into it and I think it was one of the best days in 6 years we've ever had. If chilling in a park when the weather is gorgeous is your type of thing then you really have to go! 

Instagram collages - It's no secret that I am addicted to instagram(Follow me glitterinfatuation.) but at the moment I am so into creating these little mood boards. If you follow me you'll know what I'm talking about theres something so aesthetically pleasing about them! 

My Girl - Since getting my new camera I haven't been able to take any nice photos of my little furry baby Lulu because she was frightened of the sound it made(she's scared of everything!) but this weekend she was so good while I sat and snapped photos of her, This one is my favourite.

OOTD Posts - A new addition to my blog! Outfit of the day posts, It's as new to me as it is too you but fashion is something I really enjoy so I thought it might be fun, There won't be one every week but I've got a few planned so stay tunned!

Lush Oxford Street! - If you haven't been, go. I've written a whole post about how much I love there HERE and this was the amazing bubble bath I had thanks to one of the new bubble bars! How divine does that look?! If your in there get the 'Milk bar bubble bar' This was only half and look how many bubbles it made!

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Glitter Infatuation

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