Tuesday, 12 May 2015

St James's Park & The Mall

Hey Beauties! 

Something a little different from me today, a little 'explore with me' Type of post, Last weekend we visited St James's Park and The Mall in central London and we had such an amazing time, the weather was gorgeous and the atmosphere was so lovely as the princess had been born the day before so I thought I'd write up a little post about what I got up too..

The flowers are absolutely stunning in St James's Park and they are everywhere too, this one of the first of many I photographed, everywhere you look there is something really interesting to see, and more often then not you get little glimpses of other features, in the top one you can just see the London Eye! 

I really like this photo, It's me too a T! I have a habit of always tripping over my feet and as you can see to the left of me there is a gorgeous little cafe inside the park, right before we snapped this I had tripped up while looking backwards at the camera, very embarrassing. but it makes for a funny story and a funny photo.  

The wildlife is insane! I've never seen such friendly wildlife. The little squirell above was either pregnant or had little babies, people where feeding her nuts and she was taking them from their hands and digging them into the ground! It was so sweet to watch as it's not something I've ever experienced before. St James's Park really prides itself on being a great home for these animals and it's really lovely too see them thriving!

The Mall and Buckingham palace! I couldn't help but think The Mall looked so stunning especially with Buckingham Palace in the distance! Also, spot the man with the free 'the sun' flag in the background, Awkward!  Buckingham Palace really is beautiful, The gates are so stunningly regal, everyone was gathered round to take photos of the Princesses birth announcement which was super cute.

We finished up here at Queen Victoria's Monument, which took my breath away it's not quite what I was expecting as the water is really blue and it's massive but all the same it was beautiful. I highly recommend going if your ever in London on a sunny day, The whole area is actually really big but its super close to so many other places, Big Ben, The Thames, Globe theatre and Southbank to name a few! 

Have you ever been too St James's Park?
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