Monday, 4 May 2015

Lush Oxford Street

Hello Beauties! 

Yesterday I ventured into Central London, I've lived in London almost all of my life(only living outside of it for the last year!) and I'm forever craving the busy streets, trains and working bus systems! However this time I went with a starting goal of visiting the shiny, brand new, 3 floored lush shop on Oxford Street! 

We got to the destination at around 11.45 on Sunday morning which was too early as they don't open till 12pm! But being one of the first to walk into the shop was so much fun, I headed straight upstairs which no one else seemed to be doing, I turned one of the corners I was greeted by a whole host of smiling lush employees! One thing I have to say is the staff in the Oxford street store are amazing, they each spend just enough time with you to have a chit chat and learn some new things and at the same time your free to brose as you please, which is super important for me, they've mastered the art of  customer service that's for sure!

The top floor is all bath bombs, bubble bars, gift sets and FUN, there's the cutest section where they showcase all the cute things people have made! The middle floor which is also the entrance is the all the lotions and potions, face masks, shampoo bars, make up and soaps and the last floor/basement is the spa, perfume and massage bars. On each floor they have sinks where they showcase bubble bars and bath bombs throughout the day, it's super good as you can get your hands in and test it, feel it and smell before you buy!

There is honestly so much to see and do I'd be here forever listing everything, I think I've already added to many photos! However, a few things that really caught my eye was all the make-up, stunning pigments, lipsticks and foundations, who knew lush was so into the 'beauty' market these days? They also have a really stunning spa on the last floor which smelled so amazing, I think around my birthday I might have too treat myself to a little treatment. I only picked up two items but I so wish I got moreI was so enthralled with all the new things and atmosphere I just didn't know what to choose! 

I hope you like the photos! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Glitter Infatuation


  1. your photos are anazing, I want to go to the new LUSH store so bad :)
    Natasha x

  2. I've seen so many people have ventured to this Lush Store, making me jealous that I can't get to London that easily to see it for myself and now I want to make a big Lush purchase...maybe after next payday I'll get myself a little treat!!

    Sarah xo || See The Stars

  3. I so need to visit this store asap! Goodbye bank balance... <3

  4. I can't believe your store has two floors! That is amazing + the photos are, mine only has one floor! :'( X