Sunday, 17 May 2015

GOSH Forever Lip Shine Review

(Magic Monday. Funky Friday, Love Story, Spring Fling)

Hello Beauties!
I recently entered a compotition on the GOSH instagram and happened to win these gorgeous lip shines! They also threw in a few other goodies as I had to wait a while for it to get sent out to me, which was super kind and really thoughtful! I'll get round to blogging them all eventually but for today, The lip shines! I've always thought GOSH is one of the best highstreet brands out there so I was super excited to try these ones out! 
Magic Monday, red(top left) - This is what I would call a true red with orange undertones

Funky Friday, Pink(top right)-  A medium fuchsia pink, the brightest of the four I received.

Love Story, Pink Nude(bottom left) - A gorgeous pink nude, I was so happy to see this one in the bunch as I am nude mad at the moment!

Spring Fling, Coral Pink(bottom right)- This one is an unusual colour I think I'd say it is a pink coral. It is however really beautiful!

I have to say the one thing I don't like about these lip shines is the packaging! I'm forever not pushing the lid down fully on these types of products and it ends up all over my hands/handbag! However, you can twist the lip shine up from the bottom which is a handy feature. the formula is super easy to use and is pretty opaque. I can see these looking gorgeous on there own or even on to of a matte lipstick to add a pretty gloss, although I'm not sure how these would fair out on people with dry lips as the formula is moisturising but 'sticks' I don't suffer with dry lips myself so it might be a good idea to try it before you buy! Once these have been on the lips a while the shine goes and leave a lovely stain, although I noticed a deeper 'stain' around the lip line which is a little annoying but regular applying(especially after food and drink.) would defuse that problem!

Have you tried these lip shines? What's your favourite shade?!
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