Thursday, 14 May 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Haul & Review

Hello Beauties! 

If you follow me over on instagram you will know I love a bath! I post a least one 'bubble bath' photo a week. So last week while doing some browsing in the gift shop below my house I realised they sell Bomb Cosmetics! I was pretty excited and it took me so long to choose these little pretties to bring home with me! 

Cotton Candy Bath Blaster - The big round pink one, this smells absolutely amazing! It's said to be cotton candy inspired but I can smell sweet strawberry really strongly it also has a lovely soft creamy scent in it too. When in the bath the scent subsides but is still noticeable, it quickly disperses in a pink whirlwind and the water is left super soft and subsequently my skin felt super moisturised after! 

Harajuku Girl Bath Creamer  - Made with shea & Cocoa butter this little creamer is super moisturising! Once melded into the bath it turns the water super silky too. The scent it super fruity with what I think is heavy citrus but at the same time it smells like pink peonies!

Crazy Chick Bath Mallow - This one has the subtlest scent of the three and one I can't quiet put my finger on, online it says pear is a main scent benefactor which I guess I can smell now that I know. It's super lovely all the same just not as scented as the other three!

Princess For A Day Bath Buttercup  - The smell of this reminded me of really relaxing bath times it's essentially lavender although it's not that prominent, the smell of this one lingered in the bath/bathroom for a little but by the end of my bath I couldn't smell it any longer. Although really be careful as they do leave a 'residue' on the bath that's super slippery when it wet! This one left my skin the softest but I really didn't like the big sequins, they look gorgeous on there but once in the bath they get a little annoying! 

Overall I adore these little bath time additions! Between £2 and £3 a pop they are super affordable and a great mid-week treat. The company also prides itself on being animal cruelty free and generally good to the planet, what's not too love! 

Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics? 
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