Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mums Garden

Happy Sunday Beauties! 

I originally had a whole other post planned for today but looking in on the photo's I took they were awful! So instead I thought I would share with you one of my favourite places in the world! My mum's back garden! This weekend the sun was shining and the her flowers looked so beautiful and having a new camera means I got a little snap happy but, I think I took some really great ones! My has such a great eye for making things look really beautiful, and for me living in a built up town apartment with no garden means I appreciate hers so much more. She's constantly adding to it and there's always something new, the newest being the 'step ladders' feature on the patio! 

What do you think of my mum's garden? and where's your favourite place to be?
Glitter Infatuation

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Current Favourites

Black Vintage Print Dress - Here*
New Look Tan Heels -  Similar Here
Powder Brown Faux Fur Scarf - Here* 
Round Vintage Style Sunglasses - Here
Rock On Ruby Rolling With The Homies Tee - Here*

Vitamin E Eye Cream - Here
High Drama Liquid Eyeliner - Here
I <3 eyeshadow="" i="" obsession="" palette="">- Here*
Essence Maximum Definition Mascara - Here
Gosh Forever Lip Shine Love Story - Here
got2be Mind Blowing Styling Spray - Here

What's your favourites at the moment?
Glitter Infatuation

*items marked with (*) were gifted to me but still a honest favourite

Sunday, 17 May 2015

GOSH Forever Lip Shine Review

(Magic Monday. Funky Friday, Love Story, Spring Fling)

Hello Beauties!
I recently entered a compotition on the GOSH instagram and happened to win these gorgeous lip shines! They also threw in a few other goodies as I had to wait a while for it to get sent out to me, which was super kind and really thoughtful! I'll get round to blogging them all eventually but for today, The lip shines! I've always thought GOSH is one of the best highstreet brands out there so I was super excited to try these ones out! 
Magic Monday, red(top left) - This is what I would call a true red with orange undertones

Funky Friday, Pink(top right)-  A medium fuchsia pink, the brightest of the four I received.

Love Story, Pink Nude(bottom left) - A gorgeous pink nude, I was so happy to see this one in the bunch as I am nude mad at the moment!

Spring Fling, Coral Pink(bottom right)- This one is an unusual colour I think I'd say it is a pink coral. It is however really beautiful!

I have to say the one thing I don't like about these lip shines is the packaging! I'm forever not pushing the lid down fully on these types of products and it ends up all over my hands/handbag! However, you can twist the lip shine up from the bottom which is a handy feature. the formula is super easy to use and is pretty opaque. I can see these looking gorgeous on there own or even on to of a matte lipstick to add a pretty gloss, although I'm not sure how these would fair out on people with dry lips as the formula is moisturising but 'sticks' I don't suffer with dry lips myself so it might be a good idea to try it before you buy! Once these have been on the lips a while the shine goes and leave a lovely stain, although I noticed a deeper 'stain' around the lip line which is a little annoying but regular applying(especially after food and drink.) would defuse that problem!

Have you tried these lip shines? What's your favourite shade?!
Glitter Infatuation

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Haul & Review

Hello Beauties! 

If you follow me over on instagram you will know I love a bath! I post a least one 'bubble bath' photo a week. So last week while doing some browsing in the gift shop below my house I realised they sell Bomb Cosmetics! I was pretty excited and it took me so long to choose these little pretties to bring home with me! 

Cotton Candy Bath Blaster - The big round pink one, this smells absolutely amazing! It's said to be cotton candy inspired but I can smell sweet strawberry really strongly it also has a lovely soft creamy scent in it too. When in the bath the scent subsides but is still noticeable, it quickly disperses in a pink whirlwind and the water is left super soft and subsequently my skin felt super moisturised after! 

Harajuku Girl Bath Creamer  - Made with shea & Cocoa butter this little creamer is super moisturising! Once melded into the bath it turns the water super silky too. The scent it super fruity with what I think is heavy citrus but at the same time it smells like pink peonies!

Crazy Chick Bath Mallow - This one has the subtlest scent of the three and one I can't quiet put my finger on, online it says pear is a main scent benefactor which I guess I can smell now that I know. It's super lovely all the same just not as scented as the other three!

Princess For A Day Bath Buttercup  - The smell of this reminded me of really relaxing bath times it's essentially lavender although it's not that prominent, the smell of this one lingered in the bath/bathroom for a little but by the end of my bath I couldn't smell it any longer. Although really be careful as they do leave a 'residue' on the bath that's super slippery when it wet! This one left my skin the softest but I really didn't like the big sequins, they look gorgeous on there but once in the bath they get a little annoying! 

Overall I adore these little bath time additions! Between £2 and £3 a pop they are super affordable and a great mid-week treat. The company also prides itself on being animal cruelty free and generally good to the planet, what's not too love! 

Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics? 
Glitter Infatuation

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

St James's Park & The Mall

Hey Beauties! 

Something a little different from me today, a little 'explore with me' Type of post, Last weekend we visited St James's Park and The Mall in central London and we had such an amazing time, the weather was gorgeous and the atmosphere was so lovely as the princess had been born the day before so I thought I'd write up a little post about what I got up too..

The flowers are absolutely stunning in St James's Park and they are everywhere too, this one of the first of many I photographed, everywhere you look there is something really interesting to see, and more often then not you get little glimpses of other features, in the top one you can just see the London Eye! 

I really like this photo, It's me too a T! I have a habit of always tripping over my feet and as you can see to the left of me there is a gorgeous little cafe inside the park, right before we snapped this I had tripped up while looking backwards at the camera, very embarrassing. but it makes for a funny story and a funny photo.  

The wildlife is insane! I've never seen such friendly wildlife. The little squirell above was either pregnant or had little babies, people where feeding her nuts and she was taking them from their hands and digging them into the ground! It was so sweet to watch as it's not something I've ever experienced before. St James's Park really prides itself on being a great home for these animals and it's really lovely too see them thriving!

The Mall and Buckingham palace! I couldn't help but think The Mall looked so stunning especially with Buckingham Palace in the distance! Also, spot the man with the free 'the sun' flag in the background, Awkward!  Buckingham Palace really is beautiful, The gates are so stunningly regal, everyone was gathered round to take photos of the Princesses birth announcement which was super cute.

We finished up here at Queen Victoria's Monument, which took my breath away it's not quite what I was expecting as the water is really blue and it's massive but all the same it was beautiful. I highly recommend going if your ever in London on a sunny day, The whole area is actually really big but its super close to so many other places, Big Ben, The Thames, Globe theatre and Southbank to name a few! 

Have you ever been too St James's Park?
Glitter Infatuation

*not sponsored 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Catch Up!

 Happy Sunday Beauties

Candles - Oh my! If your like me and are obssesed with Tkmaxx/Homesense next time your in there look for these 'Everyday Luxe' candles. I started buying them around spring last year and then they disappeared just after Christmas! They cost £5.99 a pop and smell better then any other candles I've brought, I'd pick these ones up over any yankee! 

St James Park - I cannot reccomend this place enough, I won't go into too much detail but last Sunday me and Matt honestly stumbled into it and I think it was one of the best days in 6 years we've ever had. If chilling in a park when the weather is gorgeous is your type of thing then you really have to go! 

Instagram collages - It's no secret that I am addicted to instagram(Follow me glitterinfatuation.) but at the moment I am so into creating these little mood boards. If you follow me you'll know what I'm talking about theres something so aesthetically pleasing about them! 

My Girl - Since getting my new camera I haven't been able to take any nice photos of my little furry baby Lulu because she was frightened of the sound it made(she's scared of everything!) but this weekend she was so good while I sat and snapped photos of her, This one is my favourite.

OOTD Posts - A new addition to my blog! Outfit of the day posts, It's as new to me as it is too you but fashion is something I really enjoy so I thought it might be fun, There won't be one every week but I've got a few planned so stay tunned!

Lush Oxford Street! - If you haven't been, go. I've written a whole post about how much I love there HERE and this was the amazing bubble bath I had thanks to one of the new bubble bars! How divine does that look?! If your in there get the 'Milk bar bubble bar' This was only half and look how many bubbles it made!

Don't forget add me here on instagram to stay updated with my week! What have you guys been up too!?
Glitter Infatuation

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Library Of Fragrance - Sunshine

Hey Beauties! 

Today I thought I would introduce you to the amazing company The Library Of Fragrance the main goal is to create broad range of scents no matter how odd! There's now 300 scents available and they are perfect for layering! Peach & Bulgarian Rose? or Leather & Espresso? The choice is endless!

I was sent the gorgeous Sunshine* to try out and give you my opinion on! On first sniff I can really smell a strong creamy vanilla base which really reminds me of an suntan lotion but not in that sickly off coconut gross way, more in the summer, sunshine, beach holiday way and as it settles into the skin I can smell a cool citrus scent that really 'lifts' this scent, I definitely prefer it settled then first sprayed there's something a little 'cleaner' in the settled scent. In all this perfume really smells like summer in a bottle and would be perfect for holidays/days out/pinics the list is endless! I could also imagine this would smell gorgeous layered with a sweet floral or even a fruity note! 

Have you tried any other The Library of Fragrance perfumes? Which ones would you choose?
Glitter Infatuation

*This product was sent to be for review but all opinions are 100% my own

Monday, 4 May 2015

Lush Oxford Street

Hello Beauties! 

Yesterday I ventured into Central London, I've lived in London almost all of my life(only living outside of it for the last year!) and I'm forever craving the busy streets, trains and working bus systems! However this time I went with a starting goal of visiting the shiny, brand new, 3 floored lush shop on Oxford Street! 

We got to the destination at around 11.45 on Sunday morning which was too early as they don't open till 12pm! But being one of the first to walk into the shop was so much fun, I headed straight upstairs which no one else seemed to be doing, I turned one of the corners I was greeted by a whole host of smiling lush employees! One thing I have to say is the staff in the Oxford street store are amazing, they each spend just enough time with you to have a chit chat and learn some new things and at the same time your free to brose as you please, which is super important for me, they've mastered the art of  customer service that's for sure!

The top floor is all bath bombs, bubble bars, gift sets and FUN, there's the cutest section where they showcase all the cute things people have made! The middle floor which is also the entrance is the all the lotions and potions, face masks, shampoo bars, make up and soaps and the last floor/basement is the spa, perfume and massage bars. On each floor they have sinks where they showcase bubble bars and bath bombs throughout the day, it's super good as you can get your hands in and test it, feel it and smell before you buy!

There is honestly so much to see and do I'd be here forever listing everything, I think I've already added to many photos! However, a few things that really caught my eye was all the make-up, stunning pigments, lipsticks and foundations, who knew lush was so into the 'beauty' market these days? They also have a really stunning spa on the last floor which smelled so amazing, I think around my birthday I might have too treat myself to a little treatment. I only picked up two items but I so wish I got moreI was so enthralled with all the new things and atmosphere I just didn't know what to choose! 

I hope you like the photos! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Glitter Infatuation