Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Patisserie De Bain

Hello Beauties!

Hope you guys like the photos! I've just brought myself a snazzy Canon 700D and these are the first photos I've taken with it! I've got so so much to learn so if they look a little funny bare with me! Having a new camera means I can do so much more and can even delve into OOTD's(look out next week, I've got a few planned!) which is something I've been meaning to do for such a long time!

Today I'm sharing these utterly gorgeous hand creams from Patisserie De Bain which a relatively new to superdrug! They come in the cutest packaging ever and look perfect almost anywhere you put them, the cute kitsch design reminds me of a sweet bakery or cake shop which of course these hand creams are inspired by! 

I was first drawn to Strawberry Shortcake, the one in the cute pink packaging. It smells super sweet and fruity which I adore but it also has an under lying vanilla scent which is great if you love vanilla but I sadly don't! Sugared Violet, Is without doubt my favourite! I smells like parma violets but even sweeter, totally edible! Sweet as Cherry pie, Has the strong cherry scent that reminds me of cherry sweets I really like this one too! 

When you first apply the cream the scent is pretty strong but not nose offending strong, it does actually simmer down after a while but don't complete go for a while. They leave my skin silky soft to touch and a little goes a pretty long way! These are currently around the £2.66 mark in superdrug which is a pretty good deal considering you get 50ml of gorgeous smelling hand cream! I think these would make the best little present or even look adorable on a kitchen/bathroom sink! 

What's your favourite hand cream?
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  1. I love this brand, the packaging is adorable! x

    Sarah | www.temporary-secretary.com

  2. I bet sugared violet smells amazing! Yey on your new camera btw, I hope you have fun messing around with it. I've had mine a while and I'm still trying to get my head around it!


  3. These look adorable, great shots!

    I'm currently using Hand Food by Soap and Glory but I find it can be a bit thick for multiple applications throughout the day.


  4. On my next Superdrug visit I need to get these, they look so cute. Strawberry Shortcake sound amazing.


  5. Cute packaging! I would go for the sugared violet scent first! If it smells like parma violet sweets then am sold! I love my weleda skinfood and I love cosmetics strawberries and cream handcreams... but now I need this in my collection lol <3