Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Patisserie De Bain

Hello Beauties!

Hope you guys like the photos! I've just brought myself a snazzy Canon 700D and these are the first photos I've taken with it! I've got so so much to learn so if they look a little funny bare with me! Having a new camera means I can do so much more and can even delve into OOTD's(look out next week, I've got a few planned!) which is something I've been meaning to do for such a long time!

Today I'm sharing these utterly gorgeous hand creams from Patisserie De Bain which a relatively new to superdrug! They come in the cutest packaging ever and look perfect almost anywhere you put them, the cute kitsch design reminds me of a sweet bakery or cake shop which of course these hand creams are inspired by! 

I was first drawn to Strawberry Shortcake, the one in the cute pink packaging. It smells super sweet and fruity which I adore but it also has an under lying vanilla scent which is great if you love vanilla but I sadly don't! Sugared Violet, Is without doubt my favourite! I smells like parma violets but even sweeter, totally edible! Sweet as Cherry pie, Has the strong cherry scent that reminds me of cherry sweets I really like this one too! 

When you first apply the cream the scent is pretty strong but not nose offending strong, it does actually simmer down after a while but don't complete go for a while. They leave my skin silky soft to touch and a little goes a pretty long way! These are currently around the £2.66 mark in superdrug which is a pretty good deal considering you get 50ml of gorgeous smelling hand cream! I think these would make the best little present or even look adorable on a kitchen/bathroom sink! 

What's your favourite hand cream?
Glitter Infatuation

Saturday, 25 April 2015

4 Things blogging taught me.

1. It's hard work - Right now, I work 30 hours a week and juggling a a blog is really hard, for someone who doesn't pre-plan(I'm not an organised person.) Sitting down un-winding and writing a post is easy but add on the constant social media awareness, advertisement, interactions, photo taking(when the sun suddenly appears for 3 seconds), editing and answering emails you've got yourself a pretty busy week! 

2. People are sceptical - 'You actually do that?' Yep, I put myself out there on the internet! I obsess over photos of lipsticks and if there's one tiny imperfection that only I can see because I've zoomed in 150% I will notice, I spend an unusual amount of time on twitter, Yep, my phone doesn't leave my hand and you know what? I love every single second and I don't want to miss a single thing in this ever expanding and absolutely lovely community! So the answer is Yes, I do!

3. Writers block is very real - It's not just something authors and established journalist suffer with, the dreaded 'writers block'! I think I've suffered twice in my two years of blogging! A few weeks ago I couldn't even imagine writing a post like this one, I couldn't even manage an opening sentence. It's very real and for a while, pretty scary! My cure? Put down the laptop, and put your phone down! Go outside, go for lunch and just get inspired it might not disappear right away but give yourself enough time and your fingers will be tap-tapping away on the keyboard as if you never left! 

4. You will want everything - Oh maybelline released a new lipstick line? Did someone say La Roche Posay? Santorini sounds like a good idea..? Since starting blogging my love of material objects has sky rocketed and beauty bloggers are some of the best influencers ever! With all the amazing reviews it's hard not to be tempted into buying new things!

What have you learnt from blogging!? I'd love to know!
Glitter Infatuation

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

L'oreal Infallible Vs True Match

Hello Beauties! 

If you follow me on twitter @glitterinfatuat or Instagram @glitterinfatuation you'll know I roped you guys in to choosing today's post! This foundation comparison won by a long shot and with good reason these two are so highly recommended by bloggers and youtube gurus! So I've recently put them to the test and thought I would share why I like and dislike both! 

L'oreal Infallible - Claiming to be the high coverage foundation we've all been looking for with 24Hr wear and a snazzy hydrating formula. The shade I picked up was 015 Porcelain which happens to be a pretty perfect match for my pale skin, not too yellow and not too dark, the formula is much thicker and almost gel like in consistency then I am used too but blended with a buffing brush first creates a nice even base, however due to the thickness(you can see in the photo above it sort of sticks and doesn't run) I find going over with a beauty blender helps with seamlessness and blending. 

The coverage is pretty amazing, On my blemishes I don't actually use a concealer as this does the job perfectly on it's own, however under my eyes still needs it as it doesn't cover the purple/blue tones late nights love to leave behind! I do layer this up and it doesn't look cakey but it you can see your wearing foundation, which isn't a big deal for me but it comes hand in hand with a full coverage foundation. It feels pretty light weight and doesn't transfer unless you really rub it! 

The lasting time is pretty good used with a good primer it lasts me 8+ hours on a busy and hot shift at work. Which is good really good but I do start seeing some fading and moving after about 6 hours, especially around my nose area and the redness on my nose shows through too. It also sinks into my pores a little too which I really dislike but for the stay time and high coverage I can live with the minor problems.

L'oreal True Match - This one is used by everyone and their dog lately! People are raving about it a fair amount so when I managed to pick this one up pretty cheaply the other week I was so excited to try it. I've got the shade N1 Ivory which is pretty much spot on for me but it comes in a really impressive 18 shades! I think that's the most I've ever seen for a highstreet foundation! 

The texture of this one is much more.. watery?  In the way if I was to tilt my hand it would run down it, this isn't a problem but applying with a brush it disappears so a beauty blender or even your hands would be your best choice! I also find it takes a little while to 'set' which is okay as I powder and bronze last. 

When putting this on in the morning I find I use a fair amount of foundation as the coverage is probably a medium. It also doesn't cover redness well so additional concealing is needed! Without a primer this foundation really slips and slides on me within 2 hours its almost all gone from my cheeks and nose area and all the redness shows through, however with a primer I get a good 5 hours before my pores show and it moves but it's not actually that noticeable unless you look really closely. 

Overall - I do like both, however Infallible comes up trumps for me, It's everything I personally need a foundation and it does it's job pretty well, It's perfect for busy people who have to move around a lot and getting hot! It's also a good one if you've got a long day as like I said before with a primer it lasts really well! I do like True Match but for me it's a lazy day/running to the shop/sitting in the garden type of foundation. Depending on your preference too coverage will probably help you choose between the two! 

I hope this helped if you are trying to choose between the both! 
Which one do you like the sound of most? 

Glitter Infatuation

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Essence 'All about..' Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello Beauties!

I'm so sorry I've been away for about 2 weeks, I've suffered from some serious writers block but thanks to a little surprise I am back in action and ready to write for you guys! I recently received an email from the much loved make-up company essence telling me they would like to make me their blogger for the month of April! Which was a huge surprise and a massive privilege. To add to the awesomeness they also sent me a goody bag full of make-up for me to play with! The first things that caught my eye however where these eye shadow palettes! I've just realised I've named these wrong! the gold toned palette is - All about sunrise and the Nude palette is All about nudes! Stupid mistake sorry guys! 

These eye shadows really took me by surprise, on first inspection they really reminded me of The body shop's shimmer bricks? can anyone else see the resemblance? but it was the moment I swatched them I realised I was on to a really good thing! Both palettes are undeniably soft to touch and almost 'melt' when swatched! As you can see from the swatches above they are unbelivably pigmented. I tend to pick up up the 'All about sunrise' palette more as I'm really drawn to the nudes and golds for a pretty bronzed look, They blend together amazingly with minamal effort although the colour translates less on the eyelid but with the use of a primer the colour should bemore pronounced. Currently I'm not using primer but they stay on my eyelids for a good+ hours which is super impressive! 

I would highly reccomend these to anyone looking for a budget friendly alternative or just a general eyeshadow lover as they realy are beautiful! I'm not sure if essence is available online but you can deffinatly buy these in your local wilkinsons! 

Have you ever tried Essence eyeshadows?
Glitter Infatuation