Sunday, 15 March 2015

Essence - I Love Nude Lipsticks

Hello Beauties!

I don't know about you but every once in a while something comes along and I get this over welming urge to blog about it! I can't wait to take photos, test the product, swatch and the re-swatch and write just about everything there is too know about them! When I spotted the new spring/summer editions from essence I had to pick them up and try them out, this is the new 'I love nude' range along with the four lipsticks I have here there is another 2, 4 lip glosses, 4 nail polishes, eye shadows and from what I could tell a mascara. 

Essence is fairly new to the UK but I've known about it for a good few years and it's always been a brand I hold highly one of their eyeliners is my favourite at the moment! Everything is extremely affordable and good quality, nothing really weighs in at more then £3,50, These lipsticks came in at just £2,30 a pop, They really impressed me in some ways and in others I felt the mark was missed slightly, I think I'll just write about each shade on an individual level as I experienced different things with each one,

01 Wearing Only a Smile - This is the pinkest shade in the bunch but still keeping in the nude theme the lipstick bullet itself looks muted, almost a dusty rose pink but once applied to the lips it's a super super sheer peachy pink, The formula is very sheer which I'm actually not at all used to so I did find it sinking into creases but I think that's to be expected. If I was to wear it again I would definitely pair it with a pretty pink or pink nude matte lipstick to add some moisture with rosy cheeks and a natural eye look as alone with my dark eye make-up and super fair skin it washed me out.

02 Porcelain Doll - A super peachy peach lipstick which on close inspection actually contains some shimmer although this doesn't translate to the lips in anyway, they just look glossy and hydrated. This one was better in the way of opaqueness with less noticeable sinking into lip creases  it also sat better with my fair skin it's still pretty sheer but when I look at it i'm really warming to it. 

03 Come Naturally - I'm unsure of what colour to call this one, In the swatch its only slighter dark then what it is in person, maybe a Mink/Taupe? It does have a slight tendency to lean on the brown side too which I don't mind as this is a nude collection and that is too be expected! On the lips I actually adore this one, Paired with the perfect nude you could achieve the non-matte version of the famous Kylie Jenner lip! It's as opaque as it needs to be, its also as moisturising as it looks!

05 Cool Nude - I have to say this one is stunning once applied, the over opaqueness is beautiful for a soft and sheer colour. there's no sinking into creases or uneven application. I also feel like this one for some reason has the longest staying power. The colour really reminds me of the beautiful vintage rose that's so rarely seen. In the swatch I feel like it's come out a little too dark however, it does have an under lying tan shade but matched with my pale skin that's not evident. It's a really beautiful colour!

All in all I do really like these lipsticks, I'm not 100% sure I'll get much use out of the fairer shades as I like my lipstick to be full coverage, but like I said above I'll team them with some lip liners/matte lipsticks and see what other things are achievable. I think the collection as a whole is super pretty but I do feel like these lipsticks should have been matte, seeing as they also released nude lip glosses along side this, matte lipsticks would have been the perfect addition, Never the less I still really like the darker shades and think they are pretty much perfect for every day wear and work! As soon as my local Wilkinsons has the eye shadows in stock I'll be snapping them up too! 

Have you tried anything from essence? Will you be trying anything from the 'I love nude' range?



  1. They look amazing but a nude lip is really out of my comfort zone :)

  2. I've never heard of these beauties, but I love a nude lip! Will definitely have to try :)

  3. Gorgeous shades - I want 03 x

  4. I like this your post a lot! It’s amazing!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Diana Cloudlet