Monday, 2 February 2015

No Bump Bobbles!

Hello Beauties!

I'm got a week off work so that means getting back on top of blogging! Just recently I was contacted by the ever so lovely people at 'No Bump Bobble'  who asked me if they could pop a few bobbles in the post for me of my choosing but as always I like a surprise so apart from telling them I love glitter(obviously!) I let them choose and in all honesty I am so happy with what they picked out for me. I don't think I would have chosen better myself! 

I actually got 5 bobbles but I've not taken a this one out since the day they arrived, and it's in my hair as I type! No bump bobble pride themselves on being the hair bands that leave no anoying 'bump' when taken out. I for one know how annoying this can be, having straight long hair a normal hair band would cause bumps and waves however these leave no marks what so ever. They are also incredibly comfortable, I can't sleep without tieing my hair up and out of face so when I've blow dried it before bed it's essential I'll wake up at 5am with ready to go hair, these bobbles do the job perfectly, I couldn't recommend them enough!

I'd also like to add the people over at No bump bobble are super friendly and informative, they kept me up-to-date with my parcel and were generally lovely people. I can't tell you enough how much I appreiciate good customer service and this company provide that! They also sell headbands and the most adorable handbag pompom's that I've got my eye on!

On a little side note I've started a new hashtag on instagram #glitterinfatuation and I would love everyone to take part, I'm doing it as a way of spreading the love in the beauty community with no limits feel free to tag anything beauty related and over the week I'll be featuring anything that catches my eye and at the end of the week I'll be doing a little round up post! I'll write a longer post about this for Wednesday so keep tuned! 



  1. These look amazing! I absolutely HATE when I get that annoying bump in my hair! I definitely need to check these out xxx

    Eden x / edenroses

  2. I think these are SO cute as bracelets but are just useless in my hair... It's too thick and straight/slippery for them to actually stay in :(

  3. I love invisibobble for the same type of idea, but these look so much pretty in your hair and on your wrist than invisibobble do, I might have to have a look at investing in some!

    Sammy xo.

  4. I love the Invisibobble, but these look so much prettier. I'll definitely be buying a selection! :) xx

  5. Love the sound of these hair bobbles, looks way better than the standard black hair tie! I have been meaning to try these out! Also love the idea of your hashtag! Think it's a brill idea ^^

  6. I have been wanting to pick some of these up for ages! Thank you for the fantastic review.

    Beka. xo