Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Lazy Guide To Blogging.

Hello beauties!

Small little disclaimer just before I start! I am by no means an amazing blogger, I don't claim to be anywhere near a professional level. However it is something I really enjoy doing and is something I'll continue to do for a very long time. However I am as lazy as they come and probably the most un-organised person you'll ever meet. So today I wanted to share with you a few fun and light hearted ways I keep on track of everything with minimal of effort.

'The sweetness of doing nothing.'

Scheduling those tweets! - This is my biggest tip when it comes to blogging, I'm so forgetful so I never remember to post on twitter constantly to advertise my new post or leave my bloglovin link, however I have found a way around this. Using websites such as Twuffer(you can schedule more the one post individually for as many days/weeks/months as you have time to do.) or Bufferapp(you can scheduled days at a time, I get 2 days with 4 tweets and 1 day with 2 tweets out of it at one time, I use this for my bloglovin link, this one is much quicker but needs updating every 3 days unless you pay.) It seems like a lot of hard work but in all honesty taking 45 minutes out every three days for both saves me time and I don't have to worry about forgetting to promote my blog, new posts or bloglovin!

The Vault! - I have a secret little corner on my computer I like to called 'the vault' it holds all the blog photos I've yet too put on my blog. I've always taken blog photos in bulk, I spend a couple of hours every other week doing it, it's a little laborious but once they are all taken and uploaded I can pull them out and edit them when needed. I also find this really handy if I've not pre-prepared a post(most of the time) and I can randomly select something out. 

Know your stuff - I don't pre-write any of my beauty posts, only text post like these. So for me I have to know all about the product I'm using and I'll have to of used it a good while before-hand to make sure I can give a 100% truthful review to my readers. As long as you know what you are writing about, writing them on the day and publishing it the next few hours shouldn't be a hard task. If I don't feel I know enough yet about it yet the product stays in the vault until I do. 

Reply - One thing I am shockingly bad at is replying to people via email. Don't get me wrong I read every single email I get but I think 'I'll reply to that later' low and behold I never do(sorry!). So a really simple tip is to reply straight away. When I apply this tip I often get 'thank you for the fast reply' so not only does it work in your favour but it helps the person emailing you too.

Get someone else to do it! - I'm totally kidding, but now and again when my brains not functioning properly and I feel like I've got all the words in my head but they refuse to be typed I get my fiancĂ© to proof read my posts before I publish them he's a clever sausage who knows all about the English language and grammar (unlike myself), if not I publish-read-rewrite-read-rewrite until it's perfect, Besides it's always good to get someone else's opinion! 

So that's it really, they aren't massive things to do in the scale of things and shortening the time of most things means I have more time for other things, which in term makes me feel like my blog is my hobby and not a chore! Let me know if this is helpful to you in anyway and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!


*Not sponsored just websites I like to use! 


  1. I'm totally the same! I love blogging but I am a student and I work and am part of two other societies at the same time so I can't dedicate as much time to it as I like. I definitely need to start scheduling tweets!

    Laura |

  2. Buffer is a godsend! Like you said it's worth spending the time to schedule tweets in advance xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  3. It really is! I love it, makes things so much easier :) x

  4. Do it's totally life changing, Once all mine are done for a few days I can move on to other things :) Thanks for the comment Laura xx

  5. I am also shockingly bad at replying to emails omg but definitely going to improve this year!