Thursday, 1 January 2015

Degustabox Christmas 2014


Today I have a special Christmas edition of the Degustabox! I really do love getting these boxes every month and if you don't know about them I'll give you the low down! 

Degustabox are a monthly subscription box that provides 9-12 items most of which are new to the market! You can get this for £12.99 a month including postage HERE but using the code  ' GR1K9 ' to get £3 off your first order 

Eisburg - An alcohol free wine! These are actually pretty cool if you like the taste of wine but not the affects of the alcohol, the also come in Chardonnay, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling. 

Popchips - I've had these before in a box and they were so yummy, Popped with heat they make the perfect snack if your watching what you eat at only 100cals per serving! 

Kent's Kitchen - I still haven't used the other one of these but its actually really handy as that one is mild(for me) and this one is a spicy madras(for my fiance) so when we feel like a curry it'll be perfect! 

Frylight Infuse Garlick - You'll have no need for poured oil if you using this and its the perfect way to add a garlic flavour with just a few simple sprays!

Bahlsen - Continental Milk Chocolate butter & caramel biscuits, I love these they aren't new but they are well loved by me and my family with a cup of tea!

Bonne Maman - Coarse Orange Marmalade made with fresh, zingy thick peels. I can see this being opened on christmas morning! My mum will love it! 

  Pukka Herbs - If you follow me on instagram(@glitterinfatuat) you'll know I adore the Matcha supreme green tea from pukka herbs so I was super delighted to see this green tea and lemon blend! Looking forward to trying this one too!

Gloworm - Probably the most interesting items in the box, I received 4 really rather unique flavours, they call it a 'mixer' but on the can it says its a 'stimulating' drink with caffine, so I take its a energy drink/mixer! I'm actually really interested to see what the unique flavours taste like and the cans are so cute! 

The Chia Co - As usual my camera had a malfunction and the photo I took of this one disappeared into thin air! In the little packet contains one 'just add water' oats that don't contain dairy and a sachet of chia seeds which are source of omega 3m fibre and high in anti-oxidants. I've wanted to try Chia seeds for so long so I'm excited about this one!


  1. I was really pleased with this month's box, although I didn't think it was very Christmassy. The little cans of drink were lovely - even though I had them all without spirits. The biscuits went down well with the family. And we made a lovely bread & butter pudding with the marmalade :) xx

  2. Looks like a fabulous selection - I love pop chips! xo

  3. I love the idea of this box, and it's also really nice to see a review of a monthly box that isn't makeup! I love that you made a bread and butter pudding with the marmalade too!

    Beka. xo