Thursday, 8 January 2015

A letter to myself at 14

#the beauty edition

Hello Jamie-Lee,

Even though your only 14 you know all too well who you are inside and out. Your personality is something we will talk about on another day but for now I want to give you some advice, a little girl talk. Make-up, hair and your style are so important to you right now and they always will be but you made some mistakes sweetie;

- You found your holy grail of make-up around 12 and your still learning to master the delicate art, eyeliner, the second you put that little flick of black over your eyes you imminently found something within yourself, not only did it define your eyes but it defined you too.  Just please remember, cute cat flicks or elongated wings are the way forward not panda eyes that will smudge and end up halfway down your face by 3pm, ease up on the lower lash line and you'll be fine. 

- Wash your face, it sounds stupid I know! I can see you rolling your eyes and tutting. You know when I say 'wash your face' I don't mean with a face wipe. Go to the sink, right next to your bedroom use some water and keep that up every morning and night make it part of your routine, if you could only see what damage those wipes have done you'd soon change your mind and it wouldn't feel like such a chore. 

- While we are on the subject of your face stay away from dream matte mousse, tell mum right now to ban you from buying it from this second onwards. While you think plastering that stuff on gave you a perfect airbrushed looking face I can 100% guarantee you look bad, and probably orange. Wash it off cake face and don't look back. 

- I know part of your identity now is to dye your hair and that's okay but don't even think about dying it blonde Jamie, You'll think its beautiful until you get home to the people who love you most and all of them give you the 'yeah... it's... lovely.' look with sideways glances that make you second guess yourself and the dodgy choice you've just made. You'll go to the mirror and have a good cry because yes, in fact you do look like big bird. 

I've searched for years for photo evidence of you at this age but these were the days of myspace and in a blind rage over something I can't even remember now you deleted that, so keep calm and don't delete your myspace you'll kick yourself for years! Your so unique even now and you know it too, your passion for make-up and hair and everything 'girl' is something you'll have and it'll only get deeper as you get older, so embrace it and grab every opportunity that comes your way,

If you had the chance to tell your younger self some beauty advise what would you say?


  1. I also dyed my hair blonde and it DID NOT go well at all... 15 year old me also destroyed all the evidence too

  2. Omg I would tell my younger self EXACTLY the same! Except instead of blonde it would be red hair hahaha and I would add embrace my curls and take good care of them!
    But the eyeliner thing , that was exactly my 14 years old self haha
    Elena xx

  3. This is such a great idea!
    lexi @

  4. Mine would be to not go anywhere near hair extensions of any kind, ever! They look great until you take them out and realise you're pretty much bald haha x

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