Wednesday, 28 January 2015

4 reasons why I love Instagram

Hello beauties! 

It's not a secret I am a massive fan of Instagram you can check me out HERE, I whittle on and on about it on twitter and facebook but a lot of people have recently told me they don't use it that much as they are unsure how, which  for me seems a little crazy I'd pick Instagram over Twitter any day! It's a super useful tool that has helped my grow my blog leaps and bounds over the past 6 months! So I thought today I'd tell you just why I love it so much!

1. The Inbetween - As previously stated in my last post I'm pretty lazy and at the moment going through a bit of tough time with my anxiety which in turn makes it hard for me too concentrate Instragram is the perfect in-between that requires minimal effort but still reaches out. I generally try to get up at least 2 photos a days including one mini review of a beauty product. It's super easy and super effective and reaches out to people everywhere when using the right hashtags. 

2. Hashtags - Twitter has hashtags but I can sometimes only fit in one at a tops two when I write a 140 character sentence, Instagram is pretty much unlimited(not true but no ones going to put over 20 unless your crazy!) I try to stick to a few main ones #bbloggers #beautyblogger #makeupaddict #beauty being the top 4! These hashtags are looked at and followed by people all around the world with the same interests as me. So when you use them your actually reaching out to hundreds of like minded people. Which I think is pretty amazing. 

3. The preview - For me my Instagram works as a portfolio for my blog, a quick glace at what's to offer if you know what I mean, I try my best to put the best photos out possible this being the case. I've had far more companies contact via my instagram then I ever had through twitter. The best way I feel to help this is to just put out bright clear and eye catching photos with engaging captions, it really is easy.

4. The connection - Like I just said I've connected with so many brands via my Instagram, a few of my favourites being Simon & Tom and Seventeen! They both run by some super lovely people and it's nice to know they are continually interested in what I'm putting out there. Aside from that it's a really great place to make some blogging buddies, you just can't be afraid to make the first move, write a comment, start a conversation I've met some of the loveliest ladies on instagram, and I thank them loads for always giving me a boost when needed!

So that's it really, I think in a few weeks when I can actually put a sentence together(sorry if it's hard to read, I'll probably re-edit it at some point.) I'll put together a post on how I monitise my feed and make sure everything reaches maximum audiences and how I help it grow. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

How do you feel about Instagram?


  1. These are great reasons to love Instagram!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. Who doesn't love Instagram? You pointed out some perfect reasons to love Instagram. I spend so much time on my blogs Instagram going through so many people liking so many pictures, I dread to think how many hours I have spent!

    Beka. xo